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Sorry in advance for the typos in this, I was typing too fast for my fingers and didn't notice till I'd re-read it a couple times. I'm educated I swear.

 I'm educated I swear

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"But I know what we're doing is wrong

But I can't leave your love alone"

Song: Clarence Carter - Can't Leave Your Love Alone


The car ride back to my house had me considering it it was possible to make a noose out of my seatbelt, and I wish Harry wasn't so damn likeable because now he and my dad are acting like they were separated at birth.

I have to admit, it's odd seeing my dad warm up to someone so quickly, he and Finn had butted heads for years until that night Finn ended up in hospital, after that night happened it was like something switched in my Dad, and all of the issues we bad before that seemed to disappear.

I remember him saying how stupid he was as soon as he got to the hospital and saw the state of me, how he promised he would make up for how he'd acted with me and even if I never forgave him, he would still try till the day he died.

I think it scared him, getting a call to come to the hospital, he probably thought it was like losing mum all over again.

My dad has acted like Finn was his adopted son ever since that day, and I still laugh when I think back to my Dad going to a bar with Finn and trying to be his 'wing man'.

That ended with Finn calling me frantically begging me to come and get my Dad because  he was terrifying all of the guys Finn spoke to.

When I got to the bar, I walked into the scene of Finns hands pressed to his forehead, watching my dad with his arms around the necks two terrified looking petite men, while my dad swayed back and forth belting out "It's raining men! Hallelujah!"

Dragging the two men over to Finn like a couple of presents and Finn looked like he wanted to throw himself in front of a bus.

"Brought you some options Finny!" Dad had shouted.

Dad had wrapped his arms tighter around the two men, bringing them into his chest while they both kept looking to each other terrified of the biker lumberjack looking Sasquatch that nearly had them both in headlocks as my Dad said to both of them "This is Finn! Got a dick big enough to punch you in the lungs! Tonight's your lucky night boys!"

Dad had then looked to Finn, who had his hands threaded into his hair looking ready to rip it out from embarrassment as Dad shouted with a wink "You can thank me later!"

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