What you call each other

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-he calls you babe, it's nice short and simple

-plus it's not one of those nasty ass nicknames like "boo boo bear" 🤮

-you guys aren't really into cheesy nicknames so this fits

-you like calling him baby, he called you babygirl

-the way his voice sounds when he says it tho! Weak in the knees!

-kinda like Finn he doesn't like super cheesy nicknames, but he likes to call you babygirl

-y'all love calling each other bubba

-it's so natural though, some people think it's weird but y'all don't care

-it's always bubba this, bubba that, it's cute

-you call him love and if he's feeling nice he'll call you it back, most of the time he calls you loser

-a lot of people think it's mean but you know it's his way of showing he loves you while still being funny

-and usually when he calls you that he's smiling and we can't resist a ramen heads smile can we?

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