You left your bra in his room

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-he was hesitant to give it back, Sure he'd get in trouble if he was caught with it but did he really want you to have it back?

-he did give it back and he acted like it was nothing

-you were kind of embarrassed though, but he was lowkey feeling like a pimp 😎

-you asked if he was sure it was yours 😂😂

-okay so first he had an aneurysm

-then he called you hyperventilating saying it was a code red and you needed to come over to his house ASAP

-you brought a backpack that was fit for the end of the world, only to find out it was just your damn bra

-He held it with tongs and gave it to you

"You didn't have a problem touching it last night."


-he kept it

-he told you that he had it, but you never got to wear it..unless you stayed over at his place or whatever

-it was like being divorced and sharing custody over a kid 😂

-his most prized possession tbh

-when he found it he had this dumb smirk on his face and he felt all cocky

-you came over a few days later and he threw it at you

"You left that."

-he acted all nonchalant but he was feeling like a G

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