Chapter Two

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Emily's P. O. V.
A knock on my door occurs. I look up and see my bartender leaning against the door frame.
"Emily. Can I have a private word with you?" Andrew asks in a British accent.
"Yeah, come on in. Close the door."I say putting the files away.
Andrew walks over to the chairs in front of me and sits down. I look into his deep green eyes and stand up waking to the window.
"So Andrew. What can I help you with?" I ask curiously.
I hear Andrew stand up and walk over to me. I feel Andrews gaze rake up and down my body as we stand there.
"Emily, I want to have a relationship with you."Andrew says stepping closer to me.
"Andrew. You know I can't. Not after...." I sigh.
"Not after Bret." Andrew finishes," Emily that was two years ago you need to move on. Please let me be your dominant"
"Andrew please don't. I want to keep a friends basis between us... For now anyway please. But I will most definitely consider it." I say rubbing the scar across the base of my neck an thinking about all the other scars.
"Alright Emily, but if you take more than three days I'm moving on and won't ever offer the opportunity again." Andrew chuckles.
"Alright Andrew." I say with a slight smile.
"Your still thinking about 'him' aren't you?" Andrew asks seeing my pained eyes in the window glass.
"I can't help it. I can't even touch myself without feeling a scar he left behind and then going numb because it's been two years since I left. I just I worry that he'll find me. And try to kill me again but this time succeed." I sob.
"Emily, everything will be alright. He's not going to find you. And how could he kill a woman as beautiful as you." Andrew said rubbing my shoulder ignoring my ridged body under his touch.
No man wants to touch a woman who can't be touched because another man ruined her if ever trusting anyone ever again. I've tried numerous times to get with someone else but it's either that I'm not ever trusting them, I have a ridged body every time being touched, or the scars that scares them away. I sigh out and Andrew wraps his arms around me. I let him hold me as we look out the window.
"No matter what happens between us, I will never let him find you, ever." Andrew says kissing me on my temple.
I couldn't respond to him. Being with Andrew was easy enough but also awkward, for me. Yes the scars scared him but he doesn't let them bother them much as he did. But he wasn't what I was looking for in a man. I wanted a strong independent harking working man that doesn't take no as an answer or an whose a dominant all the time not just in the bedroom. I pictured this weekend and decided to leave a few days early.
"Andrew I need you to run this place while I'm gone. Are you okay with that?" It to not be rude.
"Yeah it'll be alright. Going to visit family or something like that?" Andrew asks looking straight out the window.
"Yeah something like that. " I shrug, "thank you Andrew . This really means a lot."
"Your never gonna be mine are you Emily?"Andrew sighs.
"Just let me think. Please Andrew I'll come back with your answer I promise." I say stepping away sighing.
"Alright Emily. Just so you know if you say no now or soon I'll be waiting later on." Andrew sighed looking into my pained eyes.
"Thank you Andrew. This is why your such a great person. Umm do you mind if I leave now to go pack an hit the road?" I ask while turning away from Andrew.
"Yeah I've got it covered Em go ahead. Have fun and get drunk and tan for me."Andrew said letting his eyes drop.
"Goodbye Andrew" I say, grabbing my purse and phone, then walking out the doors into the main room. Towards the exit.
As I reached my car Andrew comes running through the doors towards me. He grabs me by the waist and pulls me towards him. Andrew leans in and presses his soft warm lips against my cold an soft lips. My body went ridged. Andrew pressed me up against my car door and he licked my lower lip for entrance. I didn't let him so Andrew grabbed my butt making me open my mouth to moan. Andrews tongue explored my mouth and his lust and passions was interrupted by a customer being escorted out.
"Andrew I should be leaving." I say breathless and terrified.
"Yeah I know. I just wanted to tell you that you forgot your keys." He said holding them up.
"Well that took a detour huh." I laughed grabbing my keys from him.
"Sorry I couldn't help it I wanted to do it earlier but then I held myself back." Andrew confessed.
"It's fine Andrew. I really have to go though." I say sliding into my car and starting the engine.
"Goodbye Andrew." I say as I roll down my window.
"Goodbye Emily. I hope you have fun. And come back still single." Andrew said leaning away from the window.
"Only you would wish that. " I say chuckling and rolling up my window.
Andrew stepped away from the car as I revved the engine. I quickly backed out, threw the gear into drive and sped away to my apartment.
I walked up to the elevator and headed up to my apartment to pack. I showered and put on a tight grey skirt and a white blouse. I dried and curled my mid-back length hair. I slipped on my white pumps and started packing.
I made a list of things that I needed to bring:
7 bras
7 thongs
5 bikinis
3 pairs of leggings
4 pairs of work out clothes
Tennis shoes
7 pairs of socks
7 pairs of shorts
5 band T-shirts
10 t-shirts
2 cover-ups
Make up
Curling iron
Shampoo & Conditioner
Face wash
Contacts & Solution
My tooth brush and paste were the last things to go into my bag after I brushed my teeth.
I walked to my key cabinet and pulled out the keys to my 1968 Pontiac GTO. I walk to the garage with my bags and a bag full of snacks and a couple of waters for later on my 7 hour drive to Missouri. I slide into the car and admire it since I built it with my bare hands from the ground up. It's black exterior and dark grey interior gives it my own personal touch and makes it look sharp and clean. I throw my stuff into the back seat and start the engine.
I back out of the garage and start driving towards Missouri. A incoming call came in on my Bluetooth speaker.
"Hello" I says calmly.
"Hey Em it's Will. I was wondering if I could talk to you about something." Will asks quietly.
"Sure if you keep my own secrete." I bargain.
"Alright. I was wondering if you could act sexy as fuck and when Ryan tries to go at you rub yourself against him and then walk away. Oh and could you surprise everyone and come down early." Will whispers.
"Um I don't know about that and I was actually doing that. I'm coming up early to surprise everyone. I'll be there around dinner time. So keep everyone in one place." I tell Will my plan.
"Awesome. We are amazing planners. Just text me when your here and settled." Will begs.
"Alright fine by me." I snicker.
Another voice on the line comes through and Will starts speaking in Spanish I answer him back in Spanish as we say our goodbyes and I hung up the phone after telling him to text me in 4 hours.

Ryan's P. O. V.
I walk in on my brother on the phone with a female but they are speaking Spanish so I can't understand.
"Who was that?" I ask curiously.
"A girl with a lovely Spanish voice." My brother Will said sliding his phone into his pocket.
I roll my eyes and sit down on the couch. I start to think about the mystery girl who is gonna be here in 4 days.
"Do you know what she looks like?" I ask Will.
"Who, the girl everyone is talking about?" Will said playing dumb.
"Yeah. Grandma talks about her with a light in her eyes and how she uses words to describe her as beautiful." I explain to Will.
"Well of course I know what she looks like. Grandma faces time her every night. Around. 10 o'clock." Will admits.
"Can you describe her to me?" I ask.
"Umm.. No but I'm only saying no because you cannot describe how beautiful she is. Her sister doesn't even come close to comparing to her." Will says the last part quickly and in a whisper.
I sigh and start picturing what she may look like in my head. But I can't even come close.
"Was that her on the phone before I walked in?" I asked narrowing my eyes at Will.
"Um yeah it was actually and I have to text her soon. Well in 4 hours. To see how's she's doing." Will sighs and slides his phone further down into his pocket.
"So she's Spanish?" I ask confused.
"No no, she white but she can speak Spanish extremely well. She speaks Spanish to some of her clients and to expand her business." Will explained, "but her Spanish vocally is elegant and its sexy with her husky voice; how she pronounces every words is amazing."
"Well that makes no fucking sense. I bet she's not even hot and you guys are just saying that to make me think about her and anticipate for her to arrive on Thursday." I say shaking my head.
"We'll see soon now won't we. Now I'm going to call her. Don't try anything." Will glared at me as he dialed her number.
Will turned the volume up on his phone so I could slightly hear her voice. The he put her on speaker and I looked at him in confusion. He shushed me and he started speaking to her in Spanish.
"Buenos Tardes" She answered in perfect Spanish.
I looked at Will with wide eyes.
"Where ya at Em?" Will asked in English.
"Three minutes from my place. What ya guys doing? She asked with a husky voice.
"Just hanging around. You you gonna unpack first or just head on over? On Thursday." Will asked.
I was so confused on what they were talking about.
"Well I'm gonna change clothes and head on over there. On Thursday. " She said
"Alrighty!" Will exclaimed.
"Everyone ready. Ill kinda look like shit though. But at least I have a month to make up for it." She sighed.
"Shit alright. Should I say anything?" Will asked
"No if you did then what's the point in a surprise?" She chuckled.
"True. I'll unlock the door or meet ya down there. On Thursday. Is that alright with you?" Will asked looking at me with a glare in his eyes.
"Well yeah. Because well, ya know." She says quickly.
"Ill be there." Will said hanging up and walking out.

"Where ya going Will?" I ask confused.
"Um no where. Just get everyone here." Will snaps and walked out the door.
I called everyone to the condo and they looked at me like 'what the fuck'. I just told the all it was Will's idea. We all looked up as the door opened and Will walked in through the door.....

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