Prompt: "This Should Be Fun"

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"C'mon, Meg. This'll be fun."

Meg glanced over her shoulder at Cassie but just kept stirring the cake batter. "I can get a man on my own."

"What was that?" Cassie cupped her hand around her ear. "Oh, I think it's one of your many suitors knocking at the door. Let me go check."

Meg rolled her eyes. She didn't have time for this bullshit. Not right now. She'd let Cassie come over on the condition that she help bake the cupcakes for Kyle's [random school function] party tomorrow, and as soon as she'd picked a recipe for Meg to make, she'd just gone on and on and on about how Meg needed to make profiles on the latest and greatest dating apps to "get you a man."

Cassie returned to the kitchen ten minutes later, holding her open laptop. "I've already half filled it out for you."

Meg closed the oven door a little harder than intended and winced, remembering the time she'd shattered the glass. The landlord had not been happy.

"Not tonight, Cass. I have dishes to do."

She had work at six tomorrow. She should have gone to bed two hours ago, but Kyle needed cupcakes for his class. The nearest grocery store and bakery were both [number] miles away. What was a thirty-five-year-old single mom to do? It was faster just to bake them herself.

"I'll do the dishes," Cassie said.

Meg pursed her lips. "Oh, really?" She blinked, then blinked again. It was so late.

Cassie shrugged. "Okay, you got me--but I can read you the questions while you wash."

"Fine, whatever."

Meg plunged her hands into the lukewarm water. It had been hot when she washed the dinner dishes, but that was [time period] ago. The water wasn't too dirty; no sense wasting it when she knew she'd have more bowls and pans to wash later. Still, the foam from the soap was all gone. She might have to squirt some more onto the muffin pans to get off the grease, but this should be sufficient for the bowls, spoon, and rubber spatula.

{Break up this paragraph and mix it in with Meg and Cassie's dialogue.}

{Add some actual dating site/app questions before getting into the ridiculous ones}

This might not be so bad. When Cassie finished, she'd go home and probably forget about the whole thing anyway.

"What is your mother's maiden name?"


Those cupcakes should be getting close. Yeah, the tops were starting to brown a little. Oh, shit! She'd have to wait for them to cool before she could frost them.

"What's your social security number?"

Meg dropped the toothpick holder and it crashed down onto the cracked linoleum floor, spilling toothpicks and glass shards everywhere.

"What kind of dating app is this?" Meg demanded and marched off toward the broom closet.

"Mom, what was that noise?"

Kyle appeared in the doorway in his over-sized hand-me-down Superman pajamas, cape trailing behind him.

"Nothing, honey. I just broke something. Go back to bed."

"I need a drink."

"In a minute. Let me get these out of the oven and sweep this up and then I'll get you a drink."

In the end, Cassie got him the glass of water and sent him back to bed. He never even set foot in the kitchen.

"You know that the maiden name one wasn't a real question either, right? I was just testing to see if you were paying attention." Cassie leaned against the counter and inhaled the warm air rising off of the vanilla cupcakes.

"Nope," Meg said, "That one seemed legitimately useful."

Cassie jerked upright and looked at her. "For what?"

"For avoiding accidental incest." Meg smirked. "And don't you dare touch those cupcakes. Kyle's class needs every one of them."


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