Chapter Thirty Seven

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"Honey, I need to check on you," a nurse said. The voice was unfamiliar to me so on insect, I pulled Malik closer. I knew that he was probably disgusted with me but I was just thankful that he was still here to hold me.

Malik looked at me and I looked at him meeting his eyes. I immediately looked down. I didn't want to read the feelings that his eyes showed. It was probably disgust. He no longer loved me. I was sure of it. I was a disgusting slut.

"Baby, she needs to check on you," he said and I just shock my head. I wanted to cry really badly but there were no tears left. I wanted to cry as he called my baby. I knew that he was only saying that because he wanted me to feel better. I bet he was regretting knowing me in his mind.

"Brianna, sweetheart, do you want me to check on you?!" Mera said. I warped my arm's around Malik but turned to look at her. She smiled down at me and I was a little scared though. I was just thankful that she asked without moving to me. I nodded as I trusted her more than that lady. At least, I talked to her and she said that she was Malik's new mother. Saying that was foreign. I don't remember Malik mentioning his mother, even as a Roman. As a Roman, all the talk was about me.

"Leave, Samantha!" Mera said and she nodded and left. I looked at Malik who was looking at me. He sat with me on the bed and that calmed me down a bit. I mean it was better.

"Sweetheart, I want you to give me your arm," she said and I looked at Malik. He nodded and I slowly gave her my arm. I was slightly shaking. I was scared honestly. She took my arm with a smile touching it gently.

"Good job, sweetheart," she said and smiled. I expected my lips to firm a smile but they didn't. Malik sighed and put his arms around my waist. I looked at him with surprise but then turned my gaze down. He looked at Mera who gave him an encouraging smile. That made me scared. Was she  encouraging him to bare with me because I was weak? I am pretty sure that he wants to go and leave me. He had his reasons also. Someone took my innocence. I don't even know who he is or what he did. I can't remember anything.

"Okay, so, this will sting," Mera said and then I felt a niddle. My eyes watered but I didn't cry. She connected my hand to something and I looked at it as it dropped in a bulb reaching my arm.

"That will help you," she said and I nodded quietly. My throat is so sore to talk or thank her. But, what if she thinks that I am a bitch because I didn't thank her. She will hate me and then she will try to hurt me.

"T-thank you," I said and she smiled and nodded.

"Any time," she welcomed but I already knew that she didn't mean it. Malik tugged me in bed and warped me with a cover as my body started shaking. I was cold. He cursed and asked for more covers. Mera sighed and brought me a one. I was sad because I was causing her that much trouble while I shouldn't be. She helped me a lot and I was being a meanie to her by asking for more things.

"Are you hungry?" Malik asked and I shock my head a no. I felt a strange pain in my stomach so I didn't really feel hungry... However, I said nothing about that though.

"Why?!" he asked and I just looked down. I didn't want to talk to avoid pain. He sighed and ordered food anyway. I still didn't talk knowing that well, he may be getting it for himself.

"Sweetheart, are you feeling any pain?!" Mera asked and I lied by shaking my head. I was feeling unbearable pain.

"Whenever there is, tell me, I am your doctor, okay?! I will always be happy to help you," she said and I nodded understandingly. I sighed as I felt my pain increasing but I didn't say anything. I just sighed and then rested my body on the bed still keeping some contact with Malik. I needed that contact.

"Are you lying, Brianna?!" Malik asked and I shock my head. I didn't want to bother him with my pain. I was happy that he was there even after what happened. Disgusted or not, I needed him right now. I know that as soon as I am better, he will leave me, so I wanted to treasure this really badly. I loved him so much and even thinking about it hurt me.

"Baby, I will let Mera check on you, and go get that bed," Malik said and I held into him tighter.

"I won't take more than two minutes. I want you to count to one hundred and if I am not there, you can do whatever you want to me, okay?!" he asked and I nodded. I was scared to know end but he seemed in need to do that. I didn't want to be a burden more than I have already.

As soon as Malik left the room, Mera sighed and then said," He loves you so much."

I looked at her as she walked closer to me. I started backing up and that gave her the green light to back a little. She sat on a chair which wasn't that far away from me but it was far enough for me to calm down.

"You know, he was ready to shot me just to know if you were kidnapped or if you left him," she said and I was pretty sure confusion was evident on my face. Did he think that I left him?!

"He thought that you left him because you were scared of him. He thought that he wasn't enough for you. You know, he didn't sleep in two days and this is the third one," she said and I wanted to cry. Why didn't he rest?! And did he really think that he wasn't enough for me?!

"I do not know how you're feeling or how you're thinking because I have never been in your place, but please, he is a son to me now. Don't hurt him?! He was so desperate to find you, and with every passing second I was more sure that his love was true," she said and I looked down in tears. I didn't deserve that love. I was a slut.

"You messed the relief that was all over his face when we checked on you and found out that you were untouched. Sweetie, you're still a virgin, so don't worry at all," she said and my eyes widened. Was I?!

"Yes, your man saved you before anyone could come close to you. He believes that he failed you so can you please comfort him?!" she asked and tears started gathering in her eyes. She loved Malik the way a mother loved her kid. That talk seemed to make me warm up to her and give me more courage with Malik. But it sure didn't decrease the fear I had from everyone else. That was proved as soon as the door was opened. As soon as the door was opened and I head the noise, I turned the other way. And pulled myself together.

"Brianna," a familiar voice said. I looked up still curled up in a ball. I found Leonardo and dad. My eyes started watering as I remembered what Derek has done to me.

"Calm down, baby, I am your father. I love you. I am sorry for all of that. I shouldn't have allowed him near you. I am sorry, I though that he was a human," dad said and then sat next to Mera. Leo stayed standing as there were no other chairs.

I started crying harder as everything went through my mind. I was scared. Where is Malik?! I needed him to hold me. My heart beat started increasing but thank God it wasn't that bad. After only few seconds, Malik came in. He went directly to me and sat next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and asked Leo to place the bed. Leo nodded and I just held into Malik.

"Calm down, baby! I am never allowing anyone to hurt you again. You see everyone here helped me find you," he whispered in my ear and I looked at each one of them. I started taking deep breathes as Malik kept whispering sweet things in my ear asking me to breath.

"Inhale now," he said and I did.

"Exhale," he said trying to calm down my breath and asking me to copy him. I did and I found myself relaxing in his hold.

"T-thank you," I said but I soon coughed because of the pain. He gave me a cup of water but this time he helped me hold it. I smiled slightly for the first time in a while.

"You're always welcome," he said and kissed my forehead. I looked at everyone and found them looking at me. I hid my face in Malik's chest but he just chuckled. He smiled at me and everyone did.

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