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‘’The heating vent? Emma, I don’t even know where the heating vent in my bedroom is’’Mary Margret said, her voice breaking. She stood in the cell, gripping the bars. I stood next to Emma facing the cell.

‘’Well, someone did, and they put a hunting knife in there. We checked for sign’s of a break in. but there weren't any’’Emma said.

‘’You don’t believe me’’Mary Margret said

‘’Of course I do. But what I think doesn’t matter.  The evidence is piling up by the hour’’Emma said walking closer to the cell.

‘’What are you saying?’’I asked

Emma turned and looked at me.‘’Im saying that she should think about hiring a lawyer.’’

‘’A excellent idea’’I turned and saw Mr. Gold.

‘’Mr.Gold’’Mary Margret said.

‘’What are you doing here?’’Emma asked

‘’Offering my legal services.’’Mr.Gold said

‘’You’re a lawyer?’’Emma asked

‘’Ever wondered why I was so adept at contracts? I’ve been following the details of your case, Ms.Blanchard, and I think you would be well advised to bring me on as your counsel’’

‘’And why is that?’’Mary Margret asked

‘’Well, because the sheriff had me arrested for nearly beating a man to death and I managed to persuade the judge to drop the charges’’

‘’Asserting your influence isn’t needed. We need to find the truth.’’Emma said

‘’Exerting influence may be exactly what’s needed here’’

‘’What’s needed here is for me to do my job.’’Emma said in a demanding voice.

‘’Well, no one’s stopping you. Im only here to help.’’

‘’Enough’’Mary Margret said interrupting the argument. Im glad, this isn't needed.

‘’Please go’’

‘’You heard her.’’Emma said with a smug look on her face that made me smile.

‘’No, I was talking to you’’

I gave Mary Margret a puzzled look.

‘’Oh, Emma, he’s right. I need help and you need to do your job, or else im screwed. So just please, take Elizabeth and  do your job the best you can, and you’ll prove me innocent. Until you do, I need some practical help’’Mary Margret said

‘’Trust me. this is in Ms. Blanchard’s best interests.’’

I gave Mary Margret a soft smile’’Good luck, Mary Margret’’ I said

‘’I hope your best interests are what he’s looking out for’’Emma said turning to look at Mr.Gold.

I started to walk away with Emma beside me.

Emma and I walked up the stairs to the apartment. I turned the corner and saw Henry sitting on the stairs.

‘’I have proof’’Henry said. He held up a huge keyring with keys on it. There were at least 100 keys on the key ring.

‘’What are those?’’I asked pointing to the keys.

‘’This is how my mom got into your apartment. This is how she framed Ms.Blanchard’’Henry said

‘’Did you steal these from her office?’’Emma asked taking the keys from Henry.

‘’Yeah. The book said they could open any door.’’

‘’The keys are huge. How could they even fit in the lock?’’I asked looking at the keys.

‘’We have to try’’Henry said taking the keys back and standing up. Henry went to the door. Emma glanced at me before following henry and I followed as well. As much as I wanted Henry to be right, the keys wont work. Henry tried a key but it didn’t fit. He tried another but it didn’t work.

‘’What did I tell you. Come on, Henry. I know you want to think the answer to everything is in operation cobra-‘’

‘’It Is!’’Henry said looking back at Emma.

‘’But sometimes the real world needs to come first.’’Emma took her keys out and went to unlock the front door.

‘’Just try one more. please’’

‘’It wont do any harm’’I said shrugging.

‘’Okay, one more, but then we’re done’’Emma said

‘’Elizabeth, you pick one. Emma can unlock the door’’

I walked over and looked at the keys.

‘’This one’’I said holding it up.

‘’Okay’’Emma took the key from me and she put the key in the lock. She turned the key and I heard the lock click. No way. The door opened.

‘’Oh my god’’I said

‘’do you believe now?’’Henry said

I was sitting on my bed, finishing homework before I was going to go see Mary Margret and bring her dinner. My phone started ringing. I picked it up and answered.

‘’Hello?’’I asked

‘’you haven’t seen Mary Margret, have you?’’Emma asked.

‘’No not since yesterday when I visited her, why?’’I asked

‘’No reason. Mr.Gold said  not to come by the station tonight.’’

‘’Why?’’I asked laying on my back.

‘’He just said it was a bad idea.’’

‘’Alright, see you when you get home’’I said

‘’Yeah’’ then she hung up. Well that was weird.

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