Chapter Three

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"Ouch.." Uraraka whispered as she touched the cut on her lip. 'Stupid Katsuki.' She thought. She gathered her things from the bench as other girls continued to walk in and out.

She slowly started to walk towards the stairs again, hoping no Katsuki was there. She sighed in relief and walked out. Since she didn't know the Green-haired Girl was walking towards the bathroom, she continued. As she turned the corner, she ran straight into Tsuyu.

"Oh, shit!"Uraraka said, coving her face as it went bright red. "I am so sorry. So, so sor-"

Tsuyu just giggled. "Don't worry, ribbit!" She said, brightly. Uraraka's heart melted at the bring smile. She liked how her tongue stuck out after she was to speak. It looked ADORABLE to Uraraka.

'Settle, my heart.' Tsuyu thought as Uraraka smiled at her. Tsuyu's face slowly became redder and redder.

"Tusyu!" Uraraka asked with worry running through her voice. "Your face is red. Are you okay?" She reached over and put a hand on the green-haired girl. That made her face go as red as tie on her uniform. "Oh no! You're even redder!"

"I am okay! Don't worry, Uraraka. It's just a little hot."

"Tsu, it is -3 degrees C outside. Are you sure?" Uraraka grabs Tsuyu's wrist and pulled her along towards the nurses office. Once they arrive, She pushes Tsuyu into the a room and sets her in the chair. Then, she runs off to get the nurse.


After class, She went to visit Tsuyu. As she walked down the hallway, she noticed that there was nobody in the hallway. She was confused. Then, the lights turned off. It was dark. Had she fallen asleep? What happened?

Very short. I'm sorry!
Word count: 290

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