School Issues

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It's been a rather slow month for Justin Bieber since he hasn't been on tour or doing meet and greets for the past few weeks which gave him an opportunity to check up on other adult responsibilities of his other than his celebrity ones.

He grabbed his cup of expresso and shifted through the stack of mail that accumulated over time due to him not being home. As he looked through it, he had gotten something from Shawn's school, addressed to Justin. Justin rose his eyebrow and opened up the letter, assuming it was possibly a newsletter or something of that nature.

Justin took a few reads in before his eyes went wide and he barely had enough reaction time before he caught his coffee cup that nearly slipped out of his fingers. He took a deep breath and continued to read the letter that was describing some of the things his brother was up to.

Dear Mr. Justin Bieber,

We are writing this letter in regards of your brother, Shawn Mendes. Mr. Mendes has been recently slacking in some of his work and has been quite obnoxious and ridiculous towards some of his professors and even has gotten hostile with another student.
We are not used to Mr. Mendes acting in this manner, we are assuming something is bothering him. However, if we do not see a change we have no other option but to suspend him from the program.

Justin gritted his teeth before calming down. He had a deep breath before he called Shawn's name calmly. "Shawn Mendes! Come here please," He called out, waiting for Shawn. He didn't understand what the hell his brother was thinking. Justin paid a large sum of money every year so he could get the best education he could and he decides to act up.

Justin was thinking how he was going to address these accusations as Shawn walked his 6'1 stature into the room. Justin wheeled his chair around and crossed his legs, staring at his brother.

"Yes?" Shawn asked nervously, uneasy at Justin staring at him.

"Read this, it's from your school." Justin tossed the letter Shawn's way, it hit Shawn's stomach and he bent down to get it. "Jerk," he mumbled.

"I wouldn't be getting smart right now if I were you, kid."

Shawn read over the letter and then looked down at the floor, chewing on his bottom lip, unable to speak. He rubbed the paper in between his finger tips as Justin then began to speak, quite condescendingly.

"It's funny to me how they are sending me that letter about you misbehaving and you told me the other day you weren't having any issues. So I'd like to know who is lying to me. Is it your principle or you?" Justin sat back and looked at Shawn with a gravely serious expression.

Shawn simply kept his head down, trying not to meet his brother's glare. He started swaying slowly from side to side, uncomfortable with his position, Shawn unconsciously started to chew on his nails out of anxiousness. Justin was getting fed up with his brother's lack of a response.

"I can tell by your silence that you are lying to me, and you know I hate lying. So go get me that wooden spoon out of the hall closet."

Shawn nodded as he handed Justin the paper back and walked towards the closet, opening it and seeing a wooden spoon that literally was labeled "Shawn's spoon" since Justin used it only to spank Shawn. He whimpered quietly and grabbed the spoon, heading back over towards his brother.

Shawn blew air out of his cheeks and handed the spoon over to Justin and awaited further instruction. Justin then pulled Shawn closer to him by his shirt and started to undo his pants. Shawn bit his lip again and looked around aimlessly as Justin pulled his pants down to his knees.

Shawn wanted to protest but he knew it would be much better for him if he kept his mouth shut. Justin then gripped Shawn's wrist, guiding him over his lap. Shawn winced slightly as his stomach made contact with Justin's lap, Justin took a few moments to adjust Shawn over his knees so it wasn't as awkward.

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