Present Day: 2018- Chapter 1

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It's been two years since I gave birth to the twins. A beautiful boy and girl that I chose to name Mason and Kehlanhi. They are very gorgeous children, but I still never told Nick for many reasons. The big reason was that he was engaged to one of my close friends, Priyanka Chopra. I couldn't tell him now. Liam would be heartbroken, the kids would be confused, Nick might get angry, and Priyanka would hate my guts. How would I break the news to Nick that the babies were his?

*Nick's POV- 2 years ago*

As I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram, I came across a post from my ex girlfriend, Clarissa. My eyes widened and I felt my heart break.

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clarissa_johnston: I am very excited to announce that Liam and I welcomed our beautiful twins, Mason and Kehlanhi Johnston on May 15th, 2016. They are both happy, healthy, and getting lots of love ❤️

Clarissa was... pregnant? I didn't even know! I still liked her. Scratch that I love her still... even though I'm dating Priyanka Clarissa was different. She was just a big ball of light in my world, but now she belongs to someone else.

*Clarissa's POV- present day*

I was sound asleep next to Liam, with a new engagement ring on my finger. Liam proposed to me yesterday, and I gladly said yes. But I'm still not over Nick. Part of me still loves him. I woke up to the sound of little footsteps entering the room. I woke up and saw my beautiful babies climbing onto the bed. "Hi mommy!" Mason chanted happily. I smiled and took him into my arms. "Hi my baby boy" I said and kissed his forehead. Kehlanhi snuggled next to me and I smiled. "And hello my baby girl" I cooed. She giggled. "Mommy I'm hungry!" She said. Mason nodded in agreement. "Well... how about you two go downstairs and I'll be there in a moment to make you guys pancakes" I said, joyfully. "Did I hear pancakes?" Liam said. I giggled. "Yes. The kids want pancakes." I said. Liam got up. "Follow me kids! I'll make the best pancakes you ever tasted!" He chanted. Mason and Kehlanhi giggled and followed him downstairs. I smiled and looked at my engagement ring. I was so eager for Liam and I to get married, but I know you shouldn't keep secrets or tell lies to your husband. And I've been telling him a big lie for almost three years, that he was the father of mine and Nick's twins.

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