A’Quina’s P.O.V> :

I get happy as I see Trevor. I run too Trevor and jump in his arms. “TREVY!” I scream and hug him. I smash my lips on his mouth and kiss him back. Trevor kisses me back and smile.

He pulls away, “I kinda came here too ask you if you wanted too go and see my parents this weekend? Only for two days….” He says.  I nod quickly.

“Ofcourse!” I squeal. Trey walks too us. “I’ll go get your bags.” Trey says, his voice annoyed, jealous and angry. I smile weakly and let Trevor kiss my cheek. I smile at Trevor.


“Mom? Dad?” Trevor calls. No One says anything, the house remains silent. I look at Trevor. He looks at me and sighs.

“They forgot. Again.” Trevor says. I rub Trevor’s face. “I’m sure they’ll be here later on.” I say. Trevor nods and sighs. He walks too the couch and sits down. I sit by him.

“Hey, I’m serious.” I say. Trevor nods. “I know.” He says. I la my head on his shoulder. “I love you.” I say too him.

Trevor smiles and kisses me. “I love you more.” He says. He lifts up my face, leaning too me. He kisses me on my lips.

I kissed back, licking his bottom lip for an entrance. Trevor opens his mouth and plays tongue war in my mouth. I moan and lay on top of Trevor. Trevor wraps his arms around my waist and kisses me harder.

I kiss him harder and moan. Something pokes me. I pull away and look down. I see Trevor’s buddy is poking out. I look at him and blush.

“Oh man, I’m sorry.” Trevor says. I shake my head and kiss his neck. “Don’t worry. I’ll fix it.” I whisper softly and kiss him. Trevor looks at me.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to rush into things….” He says. I shake my head and kiss him.  Trevor slides off my shorts. I grind on his cock. Trevor picks me up and runs in his room, up the stairs.

My panties get pulled down, Trevor looks at me, not trying too look at my area. “Trevor……… You can look.” I say. Trevor shakes his head and goes too my area. He rubs his thumb on my Vajj. I moan and scoot closer.

Trevor shoves his tongue in my area and licks it. I moan and arch my back, wanting him too go deeper. I wrap my legs around his neck and pull him closer too my clit. I moan loud, I grab the sheets.

“TREVOR PLEASE!” I beg, Trevor giggles in my Clit making it vibrate. I moan and grind on his mouth. Trevor grabs my waist and yanks me on top of him. I moan and ride his mouth. Trevor shoves his tongue deeper in me. I slowly grind on his mouth, my eyes going in the back of my head.

I feel my climate going higher and higher. Until I squirt all on Trevor. I moan and let Trevor lay me on the bed.

Trevor looks me dead in my eyes. He slides in me with no problem. I moan as he goes harder.   I wrap my legs tight around his waist. Letting him go faster in me. “Trevor….” I whimper. Trevor kisses me on my neck. Then he bites me on my earlobe. I moan louder. Feeling my climate go on and off.

I wrap my arms around Trevor’s neck and pull him too me. He leans too me.  Kissing me on my lips, I feel him clutch the sheets. He kisses me on my breast then my neck. I moan and push Trevor on the bed.

I get on top of him and  ride him faster. And faster, not wanting to end. The full pleasure, that wonderful moment.

Finally I feel his erosion. He ends up squirting in me. I moan loud and ride faster. “Uhhh” I moan deep and c-m. I slowly stop riding Trevor. I lay by him, with him still in me. I smile at Trevor as He pulls me on top. I lay my head on his chest and close my eyes.