32. Painful Truth

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The first face that passed through her head was Mark's.


"Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" Athena demanded as she ran back into her room to take the damned dress off.

"I just came to know. That is why I ended the celebrations. I was not around cause I was called down by one of the guards to listen to our spy that was stationed there. He has been relocated now but had to pass through town to get to here. That's when he saw this." He took out a piece of paper with her face and name on it. A shiver passed down her spine as she read the what was written under it.

'I am waiting for you, my dear. I am sure one of these will reach your somehow. I have waited long, for the wolves hid you from me as they still do, although I can see that you have grown up to become a beautiful young woman. Come to me soon and no more people will get hurt.

-The King.'

"This man is crazy! He just burnt down an entire village to get to me?"

"I told you the same, which is why we need to get rid of him. And the worst part is, everyone will think it is us. Its a good opportunity to get people to side with him."

"Are there any survivors?"

"We are looking for them, but the village is clean, no bodies either. We should know for sure by dawn."

"Where were the fairies? They should've been the first to know about this." Athena shouted as she stomped off into the bathroom, taking off the dress hurriedly and putting on her robes.

"I don't know. But you need to rest now. It has been a long day for you with enough surprises. The last thing you need to do right now is play right into his hands. Remember, all is fair in war. He knows that you have sided with us and will do anything to get to you. To deliver all of us to his mercy, and that would only cause more deaths, Athena. Deaths we cannot afford." He said as he lead her towards the bed and pushed her into it. He quickly changed into his wolf form and climbed on to the bed alongside her.


'Hush now. Sleep little one, and we will worry about this tomorrow.'

It took her a long time, but Athena was finally able to fall fast asleep.


Athena woke up even before the sun was up only to find that Ryder had woken up even before her.

Or maybe he never slept in the first place. she thought, judging by his fading scent on the spot next to her.

She walked out of the room in search of him, trying to follow his scent or ready to ask anyone she saw where he was, but neither seemed to be possible. There was no one about, which was weird since there was always patrols around, and he had also hid his scent well. Annoyance bubbling in her, she decided to link him and began to reach out for his line in her head when she realized she couldn't find that either.

Growling low, she walked towards the Ground to think about what she would tell her brother and family once they were awake. She reached the ring target and took out her blades, testing them first and then swinging them towards the target one after the other. Once all the blades in her hand were gone, she walked to the target to gather all of them, and began throwing them. Until, Michael came searching for her, with a guard behind him.

"Athena!" He hollered, smiling and waving at her as he jogged towards her. "Woah, this is a pretty neat training ground you have here, sister. I only wish ours back home was just as big though. When did you wake up? I've been looking everywhere for you."

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