{Chapter 2}

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Adrien's POV

     I watched Isaac with envy. Of course he was able to be with Marinette all the time. Of course he is liked by most kids here. Of course he isn't the one who has to suffer through heartbreak whenever he sees Marinette.

But he's also the one that makes her smile.

The same way I used to.

     I pace around my room, school having ended hours ago, before I walk over to my bed and sit down. I clutch my head with my hands, tugging at my hair in frusturation. Plagg watches from my desk silently, his eyes filled with sadness. "Plagg..." My voice suddenly sounds raspy and I blink back incoming tears. "Yes Adrien?" Plagg responds, flying over to me and hovering in the air next to my face. "What...what changed between Marinette and I? I remember Cat Noir being a hero and visiting Mari and making her smile. But now...he's a villain to the people, Marinette seems to hate both him and Adrien...and I only see her smile around Isaac or Alya...I can't make her smile anymore..."

My voice cracks and I blink, tears starting to stream down my face, "I don't make her smile anymore Plagg..." My voice cracks again as I let more tears slip, my anger and frusturation and sadness all bunches up together in the hot water that left trails on my tanned cheeks. Plagg heaves a sigh, his antennae and ears drooping. "I'm sorry to say that these things are your fault kid. You made your choice when you bent to the will of Le Paon. You decided to fight against Ladybug. Sure, Le Paon has a magic grip on you...but it's your choice to follow her will or fight against it. You chose to let her lead you on." My eyes flicked up from the ground to Plagg, disbelief at the fact he was talking badly about Le Paon when she's the one who helps me be stronger. He glowers at something with a far away look in his eyes. A small growl comes from him, "She took away your freedom just like your father did. But this time you accepted it and took away both of our freedoms. You brought whatever pain you feel to yourself. It's you who decided to let Le Paon win. It's you who cut off connection with everyone and made Marinette feel hurt. It's you who chose to become what people hate! You became a jerk, Adrien. A cold jerk who instead of saving people, hurts them. And for what? Some stupid wish?! Huh?!" Plagg was...pissed...obviously.

He zoomed up to my face and growled again, his pupils narrowed to slits as he snarled, "Life is tough Adrien. Life will never not be tough. But you either live life and put on a poker face or you let life beat you until you can't take it anymore! Life was never meant to be easy! So you just have to go through it with pride and dignity or fall and suffer in it's wrath!" He stopped, panting, his eyes draining to a dull, sad, green. "You have to keep the ones you love close to you or else life will take them away..." His ears drooped down lower again as I sighed. "Kid. Don't be stupid. Go and get Mari back or you will lose her." He met my eyes, determination in his gaze.

"I never will agree with you working against Ladybug." He flew up in front of my face, "Don't forget who the real enemy is. Whether it's Ladybug, Le Paon...or yourself." He then disappeared, leaving me in shock. I blinked, processing what he said. "Plagg...what do you mean?" I ask. I receive no answer. That's when I realize tears are still streaming down my face.

I call for Plagg again and still receive no response. My room is dead silent. I whimpered quietly before my thoughts wandered to Marinette.

Does she even love me anymore?

Have others noticed her pain like I have?

Does she still think of me like I do for her?

I didn't know an answer for any of them. But, then again, Marinette asked herself the same questions everyday. And despite her hopes and optimistic thoughts, doubts and fear will usually be stronger. And doubts and fear lead to thoughts no one would really want to have.

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