Backstory Part One

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*Warning- Drinking, strong language, and smut*

As I was at the bar with my boyfriend Nick, celebrating our two year anniversary. Being with him was amazing. Everyday held something exciting. Nick was very sweet to me. I knew he loved me... I knew he was the one.

I was on my second drink of the night, Nick was on his third. You could say we were slightly drunk. As I was taking the final sip of my drink I felt Nick's hand squeeze my ass. I let out a slight yip and looked at him. He smirked. "Nick. Not here" I said. He leaned closer to my ear. "Then let's go somewhere else" he whispered. I blushed and nodded. Will this be the night where Nick takes my virginity? Nick payed the bar tender then grabbed my hand. We ran out of the bar together to our hotel. I felt my stomach twist and turn. In a good way though.

When we got inside our room Nick pushed me against the door and kissed me roughly. I kissed back and tangled my fingers in his hair. Nick's kisses trailed from my lips to my jawline... then down to my neck. He lightly bit the skin causing me to gasp. He smirked and continued to bite the side of my neck. His hands moved up my shirt and gently massaged my breasts over my bra. I moaned in his ear, which apparently turned him on. Nick pressed me down on the bed and took off his shirt. I blushed. He was so hot. I watched as he climbed on top of me. His hands slipped my shirt off my body. I jumped a little a the sudden cold. Nick caressed my cheek. "It's okay babe..." he said in a soothing tone. "Nick. I'm a Virgin" I said softly. He smiled, not seductively or lustfully, but it was understanding and loving. "I'll be gentle. No worries." He said. I nodded. Nick unhooked my bra and slid it off. He gently kissed one of my nipples while moving his thumb in circles over the other one. I moaned again. Nick trailed kisses down my chest to the band of my shorts, causing me to let out a small giggle. He smiled and placed a few tender kisses on my stomach. He then took off my shorts and my panties, so I was completely naked. He trailed his tongue from my belly button down to my core. I felt a tingly feeling in my gut. Nick then kicked off his jeans and boxers, revealing his hard member. I felt my face heat up. Nick gently spread my legs apart and thrusted his member into me. I winced slightly. "If you want me to stop I will. I don't want to hurt you" Nick said as he gently stroked my thigh. I shook my head, feeling pleasure taking the place of pain. "G-go" I moaned out. Nick started thrusting. It felt wonderful. As his thrusts got faster, deeper, and harder, I felt myself reaching my high. "Fuck! Baby I'm close" I moaned out. Nick nodded in agreement. I released and collapsed on the bed, panting. I felt Nick cum deep inside me, I knew he probably put a condom on so it didn't bother me. He layed next to me in bed and held me close. "I love you Clarissa" Nick said as he kissed my forehead. I smiled. "I love you more Nick"

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