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"We will be officially showing our village to the world. We shall keep certain secrets, such as the fact that some of us are immortal or literal gods. Or the fact that we now hold their ninja as our own. You should know that they are here for a second chance, another life. Not a reason to be dragged back." Itsuki started her speech and the others stood mesmerised by the power and confidence she stood in.

"I can sense that they will be arriving in a day, so everyone, be on guard and I will drop our genjutsu barriers. Also, send a message out to all civilians or ninjas on that matter, if they, under any circumstance do not want to be seen, should all come to my office before the kage's arrivals. Understood?"

"Hai!" They all dispersed and headed to their families, quickly spreading the message their Kage had sent.

"Are you alright Tsuki?" Kokka asked and gently rubbed her arm.

"Just tired Koku. Just tired. Say, when are we going to tell the village that were expecting a baby?"

"After the kage's are gone. Are you really okay?" His tone of worry wasn't just 'laced'. It was genuine, raw worry that his tone showed and Itsuki was grateful, that he didn't push her.

"I guess I've got to tell you that I can tell the date of birth is February the twenty ninth."

"A leap year!! So she'll never be old enough to date a boy!" Itsuki laughed at her husband and his overprotective-father-ness of a child he did not yet have.

"But she will be immortal, so she'll quickly be old enough to have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend maybe. Even then, she'll be young when she's a hundred years old, which is twenty five in leap years."

"I'll never win against you in an argument like this..."

"I know." Itsuki kissed Kokka's nose and Natsuki unwrapped herself from Itsuki's neck to give the couple some privacy.

"Hm? Why are there still two life energy's by us even though Natsuki's gone?" Kokka wondered aloud.

"Well, there's something that I haven't been telling you deer..." Get it? Cus he's a deer god and she said deer? Instead of dear?? Sorry...

"We're expecting twins! Surprise!..."
Itsuki waited for her husband's reply in silence, and relaxed in his embrace.

"Thank you Itsuki. Thank you. For being here with me. For marrying me. For soon giving birth to my children. For being born."


"Welcome, Kazekage, Tsuchikage, Mizukage, Raikage, Hokage. I am Uzumaki Itsuki. The Uzukage of the Whirl Kingdom. May I ask for your names as well?" Itsuki started with his fake alias. He looked like his father, but with his mother's red hair. And if you read the pronouns, you could tell that he was now a man.

Only Hiruzen saw the uncanny resemblance between his friends and Itsuki, perhaps he was related to them somehow?

"My name is Ay. I am the fourth Raikage. Say Uzukage, do you know a man who goes by the name of Killer B? He's my brother, and he's been missing for almost half a year."

"His reputation as your subordinate has reached my ears as well. Though I do not know where he is. I am truly sorry that I could not be of more help." The Raikage looked down and Itsuki felt a small tinge of guilt creeping its way up. Kokka placed his hand on his shoulder and he relaxed once more.

"My name is Terumi Mei. The fifth Mizukage. Is that man behind you free after this meeting?" She flirted shamelessly.

"No no no. He's my husband mind you."

"Mind you. Mind me. Nevermind me. You're telling me that I should never mind myself!? And be depressed!? And never get a husband!?" She yelled as a dark aura surrounded her, the other backing away from the angry woman. Itsuki stood his place and looked firmly at her and the wan sat down, suddenly embarrassed to what she was doing. Her bodyguard, Ao, stood there dumbfounded. No one had been able to calm her this quickly before.

"Urm, my name is Sabaku no Rasa and I am the fourth Kazekage. Similarly to Ay. My son, Gaara disappeared also half a year ago. Have you heard of him? He has red hair and jade eyes. He carries a giant sand gourd with him and has a red tattoo for the letter 'Love/愛' above his left eye."

"Again, I am so so terribly sorry, but I haven't. If I have met someone with such distinct features I am sure that I would have remembered..."

"You seem slightly suspicious Uzukage-dono. Both the Raikage's brother and the Kazekage's son disappeared half a year ago. Almost the exact same period as to when your village became open to the public."

"I'm sorry. You are?"

"Hmph! Kids nowadays. I am Ryotenbin no Onoki. The third Tsuchikage."

"Well, I must say that it is quite a lot of factors against me. But have you thought, those two are the family of the kage's. Also some of the most powerful people in the world! I, who has only just risen to power, cannot do that. Can I."

"Stop terrorising the child Onoki. Nice to meet you Itsuki-dono. I am Sarutobi Hiruzen, the third Hokage. I also am looking for a missing man. His name is Uzumaki Naruto. He, unlike the two mentioned previously, disappeared four years ago. He should be sixteen by now. He has blond hair and blue eyes with three whisker marks on each cheek."

"Again. I have not. Though, what do these three have in common?"

"Naruto was the son of the fourth Hokage, and... He was also Inari-Ookami, the strongest and youngest of my anbu."

"He's the son of that bloody bastard!!??" Onoki jumped up, not that it made a difference to his height.

"No arguments shall take place on my village so I advise you to sit down Tsuchikage-dono." Itsuki's KI was let out and the old man nearly and a heart attack.

"Kitsune. Wasn't he the nine tailed beast's Jinchuuriki?"

"And everyone knows that Bee is the eight tail's Jinchuuriki."

"And my son Gaara was the One tail's Jinchuuriki..."

"Yagura, the past Mizukage has mysteriously disappeared as well. He's the three tailed beast's Jinchuuriki."

"Hmm. So they are all Jinchuuriki's. Is someone stealing them?"

"I have heard of a rumour that Uchiha Madara has risen from the dead. Maybe this is connected?"

"Madara... Sixteen years ago, when the Nine tailed beast's was set loose on my village, a man with an orange mask appeared, trying to take control of the beast to use it for an army. He said that he was Madara..."

"But Hiruzen? Can it be? He died hundreds of years ago. He was the Comrade of the first Hokage!"

"He certainly was a powerful man. I still remember him. Was always on par with the first Hokage. Though he never won a spar or a battle."

"So this man, Madara has been stealing the Jinchuuriki's to create some kind of weapon?"

"Then that means war!"

"And this time we must be prepared for it."

"We must unite our forces to go against this man!"

"Those in favour, raise your hand." All Kage's did and Itsuki smiled.

All was going according to plan.

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