Book 2. The darkest night.

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A rose to adorn your hair with my love. It is just as beautiful as you are. Hold it in my name.
Lucius vampire king

The night of sin has ended and Monica is to be crowned queen, but the forces around her have grown stronger and their plans have been set in motion. Monica will not be Queen, not on their watch.

Gloria is still pregnant for the alpha and he will stop at nothing to get her back from the evil witch even if it means making a deal with the devil.

Clarissa still seeks vengeance for herself. Will she hold up to her own end of the bargain with Clara or will she be brave enough to stab her in the back?

Jennie is torn between two men, Dante her friends father and Josh her nephew. Both love stories are forbidden but it becomes worse when Josh's true self is revealed. His real family will stop at nothing to kill Jennie.

Jessica has just put her plans in motion. The vampires will pay for what they have done to her. The alpha has only one choice, to join her or die.

Can Jeremy Keep his promise to Lora, or is Lora truly gone?

There will be betrayals, love stories, drama, sex, war, suspense, surprises, friendships all in The darkest night.

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