Author's Note #5: Casting Info for HyDrO and Boomer

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A/N: The casting decisions for HyDrO and Boomer have been finalized. HyDrO will officially be played by Midnight Films, who is a diehard Gamer much like HP is. You may know Midnight Films as the demo voice of HyDrO in the first opening of PTG, "Question"- which, due to the casting of Arne Moens as Nimja and Cassie Carey as OGiNiM will be having some updates. 

Speaking of Arne Moens, at this rate, he'll probably be the person playing HyPN0se, since the only other person who auditioned for that role is a German and is automatically disqualified as a result. He's already playing Nimja, and the Gamers will be working with him to help improve his Nimja impression. It's good, but it's not quite there yet. 

Aegis will also likely be played by Peacegirllisa, who, like Arne Moens, is from Belgium and speaks fluent Dutch. 

Now, as for the big news...


This is something that I have been dreaming about since the very beginning of casting for this show, and Steel got back to me recently with his audition. I fell in love with how sensitive and cute he sounded as the character, and I immediately hired him on the spot (though "hired" is a strong word). Casting him was a dream come true. 

And with that said, we only have one more voice to cast for the main cast: Crowe. 

If you are Dutch and interested in playing the role of the punny Haunter, please go to and post your audition before the deadline: Super Bowl Sunday! 

But now for a piece of even bigger news: WE'RE HIRING ARTISTS through the Casting Call Club, largely because HP can't do every piece of art for the series. If you are interested in doing artwork for the series, please express it to me. 

Thank you!



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