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She found herself back in her own bed when she came to and her mother sitting across from her, on a chair.

Ella's eyes were fixated on her daughter's face and she had a look of deep concern etched across her face. Nobody said anything for a long while and Lamees shifted, sitting up on the bed and averting her mother's gaze.

"How could you?" She asked Lamees.

Her voice sounded broken and so heavy with disappointment, that Lamees froze and dared not meet her eyes. She sighed inwardly and answered, "It wasn't me."

"It wasn't me," she repeated louder, sitting up straighter. "It's not what you think. I... I was... rāped. It wasn't me."

Her eyes welled up again and she realised how much she'd been crying all these past months, how so many things had triggered her, so many unfair things. "I didn't do anything. It's not my fault."

She heaved a sob, her emotions crumbling all around her and she started wailing out loud. She hugged herself, rocking on the bed. "It isn't my fault. Then why does everyone blame me?"

Lamees couldn't help the flashes that followed, the way she had been so eager to see Gunner that night and how she had waited for him at the end of the street so that her neighbours wouldn't have recognised her, stepping out at 9 p.m on a Saturday night. She recalled how excited and nervous she'd been that night as it was her's and Gunner's first dinner date since both her parents had gone away for a short weekend getaway. She wouldn't have to worry about making excuses and cutting her date short because she had to get home early otherwise her parents would have questions.

She had only waited for about a few seconds before she heard one of her neighbours leaving their home and walking down the street. They would've seen her if she hadn't darted away in a panic to seek shelter elsewhere. The last thing she needed was nosy questions about why she was out in the first place.

She turned a corner and ducked in an alley that wasn't illuminated by a street lamp. She stayed there for at least a minute or two until her heart rate finally went back to its normal pace. And then she'd felt someone's hand on her shoulder and everything inside her stopped. She was roughly turned around by this stranger who put his face too close to hers, so much so that she could smell the alcohol on his breath. He was only a shadow and she couldn't make out his features clearly in a panic as she tried to slip out of the stranger's grip. The only way she knew that she faced a guy was because of his rough and large hands.

When he saw her efforts to free herself, he only held onto her harder and Lamees whimpered. "Let me go." He chuckled at her plea and dragged her back towards more darkness of the alley. Her panic turned into fear. "Let me go," she said shrilly. "Now!"

She managed to kick one of his legs while at the same time, tried to twist her hand away. He didn't even seem to flinch, not even a little. In fact, he seemed more infuriated with her for kicking him that he increased his pace and Lamees cried out for help.

She didn't manage to scream out too much because the next second, he shoved her to the ground and she fell against her shoulder, grazing her shirt. Without warning, he pounced on top of her and with one hand pressed hardly on her mouth to prevent her from screaming, the other hand he used to pull her shirt up.

Lamees cried out and squirmed as much as she could, hot tears rolling down her cheeks but she couldn't move much with his weight on top of her.

Before she knew it, he had already done the worst while pressing his hand onto her mouth so hard that she thought he might break her jaw. She was uncontrollably crying and wishing that she'd just fall unconscious, just so she wouldn't have to live through this horrible, horrible moment. Never this moment.

The nightmare seemed to last forever but it reality, it was over in a couple of minutes. Her life shattered and changed completely in just a matter of minutes. She felt like throwing up, feeling disgusted by even herself for being the victim. His heavy body on top of her and his damp clothes that also reeked of alcohol.

It killed her; this person had murdered a part of Lamees that night. And for no reason. She didn't know him, he didn't know her. There was no spite or revenge in his behaviour and yet it was cruel and brutal and unfair because she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And since there was no one else, it had to be her.

Lamees stopped moving, she knew the fight in her was gone. What was the point? What he meant to do, he had done.

The tears still kept rolling down her cheeks when the stranger heaved himself up and away from her. She said nothing and did nothing but lay there, like a broken doll that'd stopped functioning.

The stranger said only one word before he departed, his steps lazy with alcohol. "Fūck."

She only caught a glimpse of his light blonde hair as he stepped out onto the street and walked away from the alley.

It was only half an hour later, that Lamees became aware of her cell phone ringing in her purse, long forgotten next to her. She groggily registered the fact that she had had 7 missed calls from Gunner and on his eighth call, she answered it and didn't even hear what he was saying or asking her. She only broke down as soon as she heard his voice.

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