Wickedly Yours (Annie_Moon2001)

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Reviewer: Annie_Moon2001

Author: Queen_of_sass

Cover: 9/10 

The cover is really beautiful. Love the font used for the texts. It has a more sophisticated and modern edge to it than the previous one. I love the red dress on the lady because it looks quite sensual. To me, It'd have looked even better if there was a clearer view of the man. That way the cover and the title can speak the same words, "Wickedly Yours". 

Description/Summary: 8/10 

I don't think it's appropriate to start your description/summary with: 

|| Historical Romance | Yours Book 1|| 

|| Completed | Editing | Rewriting || 

[Updated versions of chapters once - thrice a week] 

The reason for this is because the description/summary is for readers to know what the book is all about and for phone users, they're only allowed to view the first two to three lines before clicking on the book.What you wrote in that square brackets is a bit confusing. Although I'm quite aware that is your update schedule but the grammar used is a bit off. From your final paragraph, where you wrote "it is a catastrophe at it is best" should have been written or could be rephrased as, "it is a catastrophe at its best". 

Anyways, the description/summary is well written.

Chapter Review: 8/10 

I have read your story up to the fourth chapter, Secrets and Intentions. There were grammar errors here and there. Anyways, I thought the book was actually well written. 

Lillian (Prologue) :It was really well written. I noticed an error in the place where Sophia told her mum, Lillian that she saw her unconscious during a time her dad, Williams beat her mum up. You wrote, "It won't" instead of "I wont". 

When It First Fell Apart: Part I :You missed some punctuations here and there. Like there was a this dialogue you wrote that you only closed the quotation but didn't open it. (I'm not sure if that sounded right. You only used the quotation mark at the end of the dialogue.) 

When It First Fell Apart: Part II :I truly felt bad for Sophia after her mother, Lillian passed on because she officially becomes a mother. Her siblings are not old enough to take care of themselves and to top that off, she'd have to take care of a new born child. Her father didn't show much sympathy like try to be close to his children rather he let Sophia take care of them. What a disgrace to both manhood and fatherhood!I did notice some grammar errors here and there. 

The Market :I was really pissed with the way Colette talked to Sophia. I know she's still a child and it was just said due to frustration but the girl surely need a manners class.

I really felt bad for Sophia when I read the part where he hand got stepped on by a woman while she was trying to reach for her loaf of bread. There was a dialogue you started with a small letter instead of a capital letter. The dialogue in the paragraph that started with the duke's son, Darius kissing her hand that clutched the bread needs some editing. 

Activity of the Writer: 9½/10 

The writer is very active. She replies to all messages on her conversation board and in her comment box, she replied to almost all of them. 

Plot: 9/10 

The book is really interesting. I've always loved reading books written in Old English terms. Although, I felt that some sentences could use some brush up. I love the fact that you endured to always date your chapters so that one can easily know when and where that was happening. 

Overall Advice: 

I'm aware that you're currently rewriting it. Writing more on places that were not too detailed or might have seemed rushed. I'll advice that you take your time to edit the full book. The description/summary as well as each and every chapter, and probably a new cover. 

That all aside, I'll rate this book a 9/10.

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