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It's been a while since I was normal. Actually I don't think I was ever normal. Ever since that night darkness has consumed me and is killing me slowly each day. Well...I guess it has it advantages...maybe...maybe not. It taught me not to trust anything or anyone. Everyone is fake. Nothing is real. Not even myself. I guess you could call this a a nightmare,a very dark nightmare, a never ending dark nightmare that will be the death of me.

Sometimes I just want to scream out for help but I don't think anyone will believe me. To be honest I don't even believe myself. I sometimes just think it was my imagination but no it couldn't be it was too real,I felt it...whatever it was I felt it.  Maybe I'm going crazy. Yeah that's right I'm going crazy, that night never even happened.

NO! It did. Why do I keep lying to myself. I need help, and I need it now before it takes me. Whenever that is.  I still remember everything that happened that night as if it was just yesterday.I remember his blank face. Staring into my soul. Just.Staring. Every time I close my eyes that's all I see. Well, I should of saw it coming, I read up on him yet I thought it was just complete and utter garbage. Fake totally fake,well I was wrong,completely wrong,it happened to me I even have a mark to prove it but people will just say I did it myself or was an accident.

Sleepless nights are all I have and it will be the only thing I will ever have. Well at least until he comes and gets me. I know he will because no one can escape him. I'm quite surprised I did get away from him. He has to many arms well at least that's what they look like,I guess you could call them tentacles,that's how long and wavy they are. Yet I still got away from them,he also left that mark so he must be coming back.

He's probably watching me type this.I stop for second to look round. Nope he isn't here. I chuckle to myself,he's probably hiding...the only thing he's good at...well that and killing.

Let's just say I'm ready..once he comes I am ready to fight,but if you don't hear from me he's got me....

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