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After only five hours of slumber I woke up and cursed under my breath at the intense tingle in my left eye. Call me an early bird but I had to. I rubbed my eyes and got out of the bed, it was still three in the morning. The only source of light was from my bedside lamp that protected me from the wall I was about to collided into. My feet dragged behind me as I walked in Troy's room, the dumbass was fast asleep, and snored like there was no tomorrow. His body splayed around the bed like he had fallen from sky. I shook my head disapprovingly and strolled up to him.

"Yo Troy, wake up man," I shook his arm.


A vexed sigh escaped my lips. Guess I have to try something different. An unholy smirk made its way on my face when I smacked the back of his head with force. With a 'What the f--k' he sat bolt straight on his bed and I guffawed at his expressions, which were extremely wacky.

"Man you are such a wimp. It's not like I flung a freaking grenade at you," I taunted in between laughs.

Troy glared at me like he couldn't believe it, "Fuck you," he turned away from me.

"You wish," I snickered then rotated to switch on the light.

"Just for the record I sleep like an owl." he growled.

"Owls don't sleep at night you butt-head," I chuckled. "Now get your ass up, we have to go." I called over my shoulder at him and went to take a shower.


Time elapsed and twenty minutes later I was in my combat suit. All my stuff was sprawled on the bed and I eyed them. After few seconds ticked by I grabbed my combat boots and wore them quickly then rose to my feet. I wore my cap and slung the bag over my shoulder.

Troy wore his military uniform as well. He lifted his head at my approach. "Ready?" I asked, and rolled my shoulders to ease off anxiety.

"Yeah," once out of the house, he took his time to lock the door behind him while I sat on the passenger's seat, waiting. Was he actually saying 'Goodbye' to his house? Troy drove fast once we hit the highway on a foggy night. Dawn was yet to break but for us it still would be dark and gloomy, with death on our tail.

"Did Maya call?" my man interrogated, when we neared the Air Base.

I gave a curt nod in reply. "I don't know if I will see her again," I murmured then cleared my throat.

Troy let out an exaggerated sigh, "C'mon man, don't even start this shit again. You always dart after death whenever we go on a new mission," he snapped.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "I am being serious here," and growled, then ran a hand on my scalp.

"Yeah right," he chuckled. I shook my head and decided to swap the topic.

"You talked to Jenny?" I veered the topic. She is the only family he has, his mother. Well, if you wanna call his asshole of a brother who left them when he turned eighteen to enjoy what the world had to offer him. Then I guess he had a brother too.

"Yeah, man her tears almost drowned me." Troy laughed, and stopped on a red signal.


Two hours later.

Troops sat in the military aircraft, which was filled with nothing but uncomfortable fierce apprehension. I glanced around and witnessed soldiers were set for it. If you ask me I knew every man was thinking about their loved ones. Will they ever be able to see them again?

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