New school

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Adrian's: POV

"We have a student here today!" said Elsa. "My name is Adrian Westernra!" I presented. "Are you from Transylvania?" asked a guy. "Yes!" I said. "Is it true that Dracula lives there?" he asked. "Enough with questions!" said Elsa.

I walked to my seat and sat down. I opened my phone and saw a text message from my boyfriend.

How's London? I miss you so much😭 Please come back soon❤️

London is great😊 I miss you too darling💔

"Such a shame you're taken!" said Paul. "Leave me alone!" I replied. "You are a cute guy, I can be your new boyfriend!" he said. "Thanks but no thanks!" I replied. "Come on Adrian!" said Paul. "Leave him alone!" replied a girl coldly. "Whatever!" he muttred and left.

"Thank you!" I said. "Don't care about him, he's an idiot!" she replied. "I'm Adrian!" I said. "Nice to meet you, my name is Claudia!" she replied with a smile. "I think we'll be great friends!" I said. "You seem to be a cool guy!" she replied.

She told me that she and her dad have moved from Poland, because of his new job.

"My dad wanted to start a new life here to forget the past!" I said. "Is he criminal?" asked Claudia. "He has been in jail!" I lied. "Wow!" she said. "But he's a cool dad and I love him!" I replied. "He sounds awesome!" she said.


"How was the first school day?" asked dad. "Okay!" I said. "Got new friends?" he asked. "Her name is Claudia and she's very kind!" I said. "I'm glad to hear that!" replied Adam.

"I got a text message from Vlad today!" I said. "I know you miss him!" replied dad. "Very much!" I said.

Thank you glitterybearforever for being in my book.

I love Adrian and Claudia's friendship💕

I hope you liked the chapter.


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