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I heard a lot of commotion come from down the hall not long after Freddie had left my room. I wasn't sure at first what was going on, but then I heard yelling and I knew it wasn't something good. I heard Roger's voice, muffled through multiple walls, shouting at Freddie, Freddie was shouting back (which can't be good for his vocal chords) and then Brian's voice butting in from time to time too. I couldn't make out what they were arguing over, but I know I heard my name multiple times. Was it because of me?
Being too curious to just lie there, I got up out of bed, quickly making my way out of my room and down the hall. The shouting was louder now, and I could tell it was coming from Brian's room.
Once I rounded the corner, I saw Freddie standing in Brian's doorway. He looked furious!

"I can't believe you spied on John and I." He muttered, shooting someone in the room an almighty glare. One of them listened to our conversation before? It would have had to have been Roger. There's no way Brian would do something like that.  "And then came straight here to blab about your made up story! If you had half a brain, you would've listened long enough to know what we were actually talking about." Freddie added.

"Why is it such a secret then, hmm?" I heard Roger ask. Bingo! I knew it was him. "If it's not, why can't you say anything? We're your friends Fred, and John's too, we're not going to judge you."
I know I shouldn't be listening to this, that's what Fred was mad at Roger about, but if they're yelling about me, surely I have a right to listen?

"If you were our friends, you'd butt the fuck out." Freddie snapped again. "It's not my place to say anything because it's not my issue. John needed someone to talk to, and I helped him with that. The whole thing was not a big deal, but apparently nobody can have a conversation around here without you, or it's a fucking secret!" He raged angrily. I didn't like seeing Freddie this mad. I've only ever seen him really angry once before, and I wouldn't want to see it again.
The fighting continued on for a while. Both Fred and Roger contributing to the argument with their sides of the story. Roger was totally out of line from what I heard, but he seemed to think Fred and I were secretly hiding something. Which is utter bullshit.
I must've zoned out for a bit because the next time I looked up Freddie was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm not hiding shit! I don't know where you got this idea that suddenly everything I do is a huge secret, but I'm not hiding anything." His voice rang out from inside the room.
I quietly snuck closer now that I wouldn't be seen. I peered in to find Brian sitting on the side of his bed, his face looking exhausted, Roger was facing the door, his hands on his hips, looking mighty pleased with himself, and Fred was standing in the middle of the room, his hands rubbing his face tiredly.

"You're not hiding the fact that you're trying it on with John then?" Roger snickered bitterly.
My eyes widened. What the fuck?!
Fred looked up quickly.

"Excuse me?" He questioned. "What do you mean I'm "trying it on" with him?"

"What do you think it means Freddie? Clearly you two have something going on." Roger replied, a smirk on his face. "I mean surely the idea of completing the trifecta is enough to make you try?" He added.

"The trifecta of what?" Freddie asked, glancing over at Brian.

"The trifecta Fred; hooking up with all three of your band mates." Roger chuckled harshly. "John's the only one left. I'm surprised you haven't tried to fuck him earlier to be honest. You're so desperate for someone to love you, I bet you'd give it out to anyone." He snarked.
My heart was racing like I'd just finishing running a mile! What was Roger talking about? A trifecta? I was so confused. I saw Freddie's head dip as his posture changed. He was no longer on the defense, he just looked hurt.

"I-I'm not desperate." I heard Fred mumble quietly.

"Roger, I think you need to stop." Brian spoke up, giving him a serious look. This was getting WAY too personal. It only started because of me and my bloody big mouth getting me into trouble, and now poor Freddie is coming under attack for no good reason! 

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