Part 40 - Fate

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I just leave that picture there. His skin is clear than mine. Ciao.

"You want to meet her right? Go ahead" Ashton smiled. I shook my head.

"Why not?" Michael raised his eyebrows.
"Because she's having a good time with her friends right there"

"This is once in your life,C Dizzle Swizzle. If you let her go now. You will lose her again" Luke pats my back.

"Should I go?" I sighed. They nodded.

I drank the strawberry milkshake I had.

I stood up from my seat. I saw one of her friends saw me and I sat on the chair again.

"What the heck?" Ashton groaned.
"Her friend saw me" I mumbled and hid my face.

"Cal, they didn't know you. You never meet them. Just go ahead" Ashton rubbed his face in frustration.

"Are you sure? What if Nat told them about me?"

"Yes she might be told them but I'm sure she didn't show your picture" Ashton tried to gain my strength again. I knew this man so well.

"I fucking hate this feeling" I stood up again.
"Just be you" Ashton smiled.
"Yes our Cal Pal" Michael showed thumbs up to me. I giggled and walked to their table.

All this time I'm here with my friends, I never realised we are in the same restaurant.

"Nat..the guy that I told you is coming here. He might be ask your phone number" I heard her friend talked to Natashya.

"So funny. He wants you" Natashya chuckled. I miss it. I wish I can go and hug her.

"Hi, sorry for disturbing your times" I looked at her friends.
"Yeah?" A guy with a blue eyes looked at me.

I held Natashya's shoulder.
"Don't touch me" She clenched her teeth.

Natashya's pov,

"Babe, this one guy is looking at you after you come out from the restroom" Dandra smiled to me.

"What guy?"
"Nahh this blonde guy. I'm jealous with you. Everywhere you go, you will take guy's attention"

"I'm not"

"Nat..the guy that I told you is coming here. He might be ask your phone number" Dandra smirked.

"So funny. He wants you" I playfully rolled my eyes.

Suddenly, I smelt a cologne that I will never forget. Oh no, maybe just my thought. I act normally.

"Hi, sorry for disturbing your times" he started to speak and my heart just breaking. I wish this is a dream but no.

Just why? Why here? Why now?

"Yeah?" Isaac looked at him. I knew he stood right behind me. His cologne just make my heart weak again.

He held my shoulder. Fuck you,man. Don't fucking touch me. All I wanna do just yelling right now.

"Don't touch me" I clenched my teeth.
"Can we talk?" Calum asked and rubbed my shoulder.
"We have nothing to talk" I looked at Petha that right infront me and asked for his help.

"Dude, I guess she doesn't want to talk right now" Petha looked at Calum.
"I'm sorry but I want too. I waited her for a year and a half,man. I won't miss it this time" Calum spoke up.

"So, you are that bassist guy" Linda looked at Calum and then to me. She smiled.

I palmed my face. Okay, now everyone know this is bassist guy.

"If you want to talk just right here" I crossed my arms.
"Here? Your friends...." Calum stuttered.

"Some of them knew everything and I'm so lazy to face you alone" I rolled my eyes even he only saw my hair.

"Okay...." Calum took a deep breath.
"You promised to not leave me? I mean them but you leave before the contract done and be an army again? Are you serious? That's what Charles told me about you" Calum said it in one breath.

"Wait, when are you back to the army Nat?" Addy looked at me in shock.

I bulged my eyes to him. He ruined it.

Fuck you. I mouthed to him. He knitted his eyebrows and 100% didn't know what I was trying to say.

"You don't?" Calum asked.

I kept silent. Dandra shook her head when she looked at me.

"I just wanna go now" I took my handbag and stood up.
"Let's go Dandra" I eyed her to follow me. I looked down and tried to walk away but Calum blocked my way.

"Go away" I groaned.
"No. We seriously need to talk"

"Why? You want to invite me on your wedding? Nahh dude, just thanks I'm very busy" I pushed his chest because he's too close. But still I don't dare for eyes to eyes with him.

"I don't engaged with anyone" Calum hold my chin and brought it up. He just want me to see him. That's what he did when I didn't want to see his face. I knew his tactic.

Old school.

"Respect me,Calum" I pushed his finger under my chin.
He let go his hand from me.

"D, let's go hurry up. Guys see you later" I looked at my friends and walked pass Calum.

Then, I saw the 3 dudes that make me happy after the broke up.

They smiled and waved to me.

"I miss you!" Michael shouted. Of course loud as usual.

"Me too,buddy" I giggled.

"You know where to find us" Ashton giggled.
"Of course" I nodded.

Then, I continued to walk out from the restaurant.

Surprisingly, someone held my wrist and pulled me to follow him. Of course it's Calum. Who else right.

He pinned me on the wall outside of the restaurant.

"What the fuck dude?" I furiously mad at him but still admiring those blonde hair. I forgot Dandra did say about the blonde hair he had.

"Why are you running away? You lied about that army stuffs" Calum looked at me.

"Because I didn't want to get involve with you too. I'm tired of it Calum" I pushed him away but he's too strong. A guy. Of course.

"You know I'm like a crazy guy to find you?" Calum looked at me.
"I don't care" I rolled my eyes.

"Just get the fuck away before I kicked your dick" I looked at him with a glare.

"You talk too much" Calum crashed my lips with his lips. I didn't expect that will happen when I met him.


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