Watching with a smile etched onto my lips, the newlywed couple kiss before walking down the aisle. I’m beyond happy to see my best friend with the love of her life, her skin glowing and her eyes sparkling with joy, that I can’t help but grin. 

   When the couple leave the church, the guests start to pile out of the pews, loud chatter filling my ears and excitement lingering in the air. I look down at my own dress, smoothing out the non-existent creases in the dark purple silk as I slowly make my way out of the church and get bundled into a limousine with other giggling, chirpy bride’s maids. 

   “Didn’t Sarah look so beautiful?” Gushes Fay; Sarah’s younger sister. 

   Everyone pips up and agrees, talking about how the dress makes the bride look, I nod and let out noises of agreement but my thoughts begin to wonder to a certain male who caught my attention the moment I arrived. 

    Who is he? His name is Shane Richards, the definition of perfection.

   Striking blue eyes outlined with dark, thick lashes, tousled hair and a jaw covered in dark stubble, the male is a magnificent creature that demands attention without even trying. His athletic body is clad in a suit, a dark purple tie round his neck to match the colour of my dress; however, even in a suit I can tell the male is muscular and well built. 

  As we reach our destination, I climb out of the vehicle, still lost in my dwindling thoughts. As soon as I saw the male, I couldn’t help but think about his large, tanned hands on my curves, his plump lips whispering filth in my ear, his rock hard body pressed flush against mine. 

   Just thinking about it has my pulse leaping and I have to try my hardest not to moan softly at the direction of my thoughts. 


   Pushing my way through the double doors, I’m greeted by the bride, her smile infectious. “Sarah,” I pull her into a tight hug as we laugh, over joyed that one of us has got her happy ending. “I’m so happy for you.” 

   She kisses my cheek and pulls away from the embrace as people begin to surround her, Carl; the groom, lingers with his fingers laced through hers, a smile dancing on his lips. I step back, letting her family members gush and hug the bride. My eyes roam over the sea of people to the buffet table and if on cue, my stomach growls. 

   Squeezing past everyone, I make my way through the crowd until I reach the table and start to pick at food. I’m piling cocktail sausages onto my plate when something in the air changes, electrifies. “Got to love a woman that eats.” 

   Fighting back the urge to shiver at the masculine voice, my gaze flickers to Shane who’s grinning, his eyes dancing with mischief. 

   “Mmm, me and food have a good relationship,” I tease, popping some cucumber into my mouth, “The couple sure seem happy don’t they?”

   I watch quietly as the best man slides his eyes to the newlywed couple, nodding slightly.  I take this time to marvel at his strong features, the light dusting of freckles that scatter across his cheeks. Shane then begins to pile food onto his plate, though it seems he’s hardly paying attention to the food an instead, keeps gazing at me.

   Feeling self-conscious under his dark look, my cheeks burn softly under the dim lighting, is his thoughts turning dirty like mine? I wonder, thinking about my mouth on his neck, my legs wrapped around his waist.

  “Would you like to dance?” 

   My skin feels hot and my pulse leaps at the thought of being in close proximity to the devilishly handsome male standing before me. Forcing myself to swallow the sasuage in my mouth, I then glance up at him from under my lashes, the look he returns is smouldering. 

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