Part 38 - 4 AM

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I looked at the watch on my phone. 2 am.

"You should not walk in the rain like that ever again" Michael shook his head.
"Why not? Nobody knows if it tears or just the fucking rain" Natashya quoted Want You Back lyrics and made them laughs.

"But still you can get the fever" Luke crossed his arms.
"I'm fine though. Thanks for care about me" she weakly giggled.

"Thank God I found you on the street,Nat. We know you were an army and already been through a lot of things in your life but still you can't do that. You make us worried about you" Crystal looked at her and Natashya just smiled.

"This is why Mike loved you" She hugged Crystal.
"But I'm fine, Crys" she smiled.

"Just I don't think I can stay here longer. I can't face him anymore. I'm so sick of it" she looked down to her feet.

I know she's talking about me. Just, she didn't know I heard it.

"We do understand you" Ashton sighed.
"But still, I won't forget all of you here" Natashya grinned.

I missed it. I missed her too. I smiled to myself. She still can smile even I knew she broke down because of me.

My phone suddenly rang. It's Kristen and now their eyes were on me.

I quickly rejected the call and turned it off.

"I thought you won't come back tonight" Ashton raised his eyebrows to me.
"Ermm I'm home" I stuttered.

"What happened?" Even though I knew the answer but still I just asking.
"You won't care anyway" Crystal looked at me.
"Excuse me?"

"You won't care" Michael repeated Crystal's words that I clearly heard it.

"By the way, thanks Crystal I should go to my room now" Natashya stood up.

"You want the hot drink or something?" She asked Natashya. She shook her head with a smile.

Natashya walked pass me and I held her hand.
"Are you okay?"

Natashya knitted her eyebrows when I said that to her.
"What the hell is wrong with your head? I'm not Kristen though" Natashya pulled her hand from my grip.

"I'm being nice right now"

"You don't have too. Oh by the way nice art on you and you forgot to zip your pants" Natashya sarcastically said it and walked to upstairs.

I looked to my pants. She's right. I zipped mine. The art.... I turned to face them in living room.

"Just dont come home until your bruises gone or come home and cover it up. Remember you are living with your ex girlfriend" Crystal looked at me with a glare.

"No girls like to see their exes full with art works" she rolled her eyes.

"I didn't know it was there" I stood for myself.
"Whatever,Cal. Cover it up next time" Luke shook his head.

I walked to my room and got in there.

I have Kristen and Natashya have Pete. What's wrong with me? Why my heart turned to Natashya again? Kristen came back to me like what I wanted before....before I met Natashya.

I threw myself on the bed. I hate me.


I woke up and turned to the watch on the side bed. I can't sleep.

Is Natashya alright now? I want to see her so bad.

I walked out from my room. I decided to go her room this morning. The only way I can see her closer.

I silently walked into her room. I slowly went to her bed and can see she slept peacefully. I'm sorry, girl. I admitted it.

I played with her hair like I used too. I stayed there for few minutes and just looked at her.

Then, I just walked out from her room because she's light sleeper. She might be realised I was there if I stayed longer.

I went to my room again. I'm so bad. I don't deserve any girls. What I did just hurting them.

"Calum!" I shocked when I heard someone shouted at me. I opened my eyes and I think I just sleep again like few minutes.

"What the fuck,man" I groaned.
"She's gone" Luke looked at me worriedly.

"Who's gone?" I sat on my bed.
"She's fucking gone! The clothes not there anymore" Luke shook his head.

"You're kidding me" I pushed Luke from my way and ran to her room.

The door already open widely and I saw Ashton with Michael in there.

"She doesn't say goodbye at all" Michael looked at me. I turned my eyes to Ashton and he held Natashya's camera.

The camera when both of us went to Kenya for the short vacation before everything became worst.

"She just leave you with this dude and I can't believe you ran to get here after Luke called you" Ashton handed the camera to my shaky hands.

"I wanted to say sorry today, Ash..." I looked at him.
"I just want to say sorry..." I shook my head because I don't believe this. I just saw her few hours ago.

I just played with her hair few hours ago. She told me she won't get out from here because they need her even though I don't. But she don't keep her words.

She's leaving without a goodbye.

😭😭😭 Calum dont have the chance to say sorry.

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