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i should've really updated yesterday since it was phil's birthday! my boi :,)

but, i needed to write, because i'm trying to calm myself down and to try not have a breakdown lmao.

anyways, i've pretty much stayed the same weight, but i do feel lighter and my ass hurts so xD.

also, i've bought a ukulele! i got advice from someone who's a mUsiC GoD, and she said it's way easier to learn and play than the guitar, so that's pretty cool.

the guitar's way too big for me anyways, and i find it difficult to switch chords since my hands are so small compared to the fucking guitar lmao.
but some of you know, but i sing too, but my voice only really goes well with strings, not pianos.

really short, but hey-ho deal wit it bois.

p.s. thank u for deh reads on tis. :))

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