Mary Margret, a killer?

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My heels clicked on the floor as I walked through the small hallway to the sheriff office.

‘’What the hell, Emma!’’I said as I turned the corner. Emma was taking pictures of Mary Margret in front of the wall with the lines.

‘’Relax, Liz’’Emma said looking at me.

‘’She didn’t kill Kathryn!’’I said crossing my arms.

‘’I am your friend but im also sheriff and I have to go where the evidence leads’’Emma said looking from Me to Mary Margret.

‘’Which points to me? Emma, yesterday it was David. There’s something not right here’’Mary Margret asked. This was so unbelievable. Mary Margret a killer? Like seriously, she wouldn't hurt a fly.

‘’I know, but your fingerprints were on that box, and his are not. So now we have to deal with..this.’’ Emma said lifting one of the photo's up.

‘’Evidence that says I cut out Kathryn heart and buried it in the woods?’’

‘’This is insane!’’I exclaimed as I rolled my eyes.''This is Mary Margret we are taking out here, she would never hurt someone!''

‘’If I don’t book you with all this evidence. Its gonna look like favoritism. And then Regina will have cause and she will fire me, and then you know what she will do. She’ll bring in someone who will railroad you. So please, just try to be patient and trust me, both of you’’Emma said looking back at me.

‘’We cant move forward till we know for sure the heart is Kathryn's and I am still waiting or the D.N.A test results. But in the mean time I need you to bear with me. I have to ask you a few question'a and Elizabeth I have to ask you to leave’’

‘’Seriously’’I said

She nodded. I sighed and gave Mary Margret a small smile.

‘’I know you didn’t do it’’I said before leaving.

‘’So if it was her jewelery box there has to have been a break in’’I said  to Emma as we looked around the apartment.

‘’That’s what im hoping’’ Emma said as she checked the door.

‘’Anything?’’I asked walking closer to the door.

‘’Nothing. Lets check the window’s’’

Emma walked over to the window in Mary Margret's room but there was nothing. I heard the door open and I looked back to see Henry.

‘’Henry, what are you doing here? Why aren't you at school?’’Emma asked

‘’We have to help Ms. Blanchard’’Henry said

‘’I am helping her. That’s why we are searching the apartment. But you gotta go home’’Emma said.

‘’Not gonna happen’’

I smiled. Henry smirked at Emma.

‘’Just stay out of the way’’Emma said walking away slightly,

‘’So what are we looking for?’’Henry asked

‘’To see if someone broke in’’I said as we followed Emma.

‘’Looking for busted doorjambs, broken glass, muddy boot prints, that kind of thing’’Emma said as she continued to check Mary Margret's window. I laid down on the bed.

‘’So you think someones setting her up?’’Henry asked

‘’It’s the only thing that makes sense’’

‘’Mary Margret wouldn’t kill anyone.’’I said

‘’The only problem is nobody’s got a motive’’Emma said

‘’My mom dose’’

I sat up and looked at Henry.

‘’Regina?’’I asked

‘’She hates snow white’’

I gave him a look.

‘’Hey, you wanted a motive’’Henry said.

‘’well, I don’t think 'she hates snow white' will hold up in a court, Henry’’

‘’But that’s a great observation’’I said before laying back down on the bed. Emma laid down next to me and there was some rattling.  Emma and I shared glance before sitting up. It was coming from the vent in the ground. Emma got off the bed and went to the vent. I laid on my stomach and watched as she opened the vent and put her hand inside it.

‘’Did you find something?’’I asked. Emma pulled out something that was wrapped in a cloth. She opened the cloth and there was a knife. I sat up my eyes wide. No, she couldn’t have.

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