Part 37 - Guilty

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The car stopped spinning around and I held tight on the steering.

"You are fucking crazy!" Calum yelled at me.
"Yes! And so what?" I looked at him.
"You want to kill me huh?"
"I will be more thankful if both of us die, Calum. You are a piece of shit actually" I got out from the car.

"Where the hell are you going?" Calum opened the car's door and shouted at me. That's all he did. Shouted.

"I don't want to get in there anymore especially with you" I walked and never looked at him.

I heard the slam door and then the car was beside me. Calum drove it.

"Get in now,Nat" Calum rolled down the window.
I shook my head.

"Nobody on the road right now. Just fucking get in the car now" he demanded said.
"Why you care now? I can walk on my own here" I hugged myself.

"I'm serious right now. Get your ass in here"
"And I'm serious too. Just go home" I took my phone in my pocket.

"We have to back home together or they will ask me where are you" Calum groaned.

"You care about them mad at you when they find out we're not back home together or you really care about my safety,Calum?" I looked at him.

He said nothing about it and just stared on me. So, I knew the answer.

"I'm sorry for disturbing your night but can you pick me up?" I talked through my phone.

"Alright, thanks Pete" I smiled.

"I guess you have a ride now huh?" Calum looked at me. I nodded.
"Great with your ex boyfriend" Calum mumbled.

"No, you are my ex and he's my boyfriend now" I stopped from walking. The truth was both of them still my exes.

Calum's pov,

"No, you are my ex and he's my boyfriend now"

My heart stopped beating for seconds.
"I knew both of you meant to be together" I fake a smile.

"I know" she looked at me. I rolled up the window again and just drove away from her. Why I still feel like this? It's hard for me to breath.

I have Kristen now.

"You love her because you felt guilty on what happened on you guys past relationships. She's bad,Cal"

"You can't be with her again. Trust me. Trust us. You know I won't lie to you. Just please. I don't want you to get hurt again. You are my best friend,mate"

"She planned something to ruin your life. I dare to give you my whole money in my bank accounts"

I went to the reality again when I felt the bite on my neck. I just realised what I did actually.

"Krissy, stop.." I moved away from her.
"I won't" she kissed my chest and went down to my stomach.

"No, I'm serious right now. I don't want to do it tonight" I looked down to her and she already in between my thighs.

"Are you...sure?" Kristen smirked and pecked my crotch. I bit my lower lip.
"You will never say no to me" she ready to suck the head because she swallowed half of mine.

"Shit...Kristen...fucking stop" I groaned. She played on my ball and made me arched my back.

I liked it but I have to stop this. Yes, she's good on doing me but I started to think about what Ashton,Luke and Michael said to me few days ago.

I pushed her from me and Kristen shocked, of course.

"Not tonight" I jumped off from her bed and took my underwear with my pants.
"What's wrong with you,Cal?" She asked me.

"Nothing wrong" I shook my head and put on the Maine shirt again.

"I don't believe you" she sat on the bed while holding the blanket on her chest.

"I will call you later" I grabbed my phone and wallet on the coffee table.

Then, I just walked away from her house and got into my car. What I did? Why I felt guilty towards Natashya?

But we're broke up though. I hit the steering while driving. I have no luck on love's life. Fuck me.

It's raining now, ahh great. I pulled my hair. I'm stressed out. I don't know what I want.

As soon as I arrived at home, I saw the lights were on. I quickly ran into the house because I don't prepare an umbrella in my car.

I realised the heels at the door and I knew it belongs to Crystal.

I walked into the living room and I saw Crystal hugged Natashya while the blanket all around her body.

What's happening?


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