The Truth pt 2

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"I'm in love with you too Colby." My heart fluttered as those words came out of Sam's mouth. I couldn't believe it. Sam love me the way I love him? "Holy shit, this is a dream come true." I tried to find anything Sam might give away by his body language or his eyes but I saw nothing.
"Sam..." I was cut off when lips suddenly pressed into mine. Stunned at first, I let my mind register what is happening.
"Oh my god. Sam is kissing me." I sat there for another moment before I realized I should kiss him back. So that's what I exactly what I did. I kissed Samuel back, enjoying his soft lips. I broke the kiss by smiling.
"What are we doing Sammy?"
"Something I always dreamed, imagined we would do." Sam whispered, smiling.
"Why does this man have the slightest crooked but the most adorable smile I've ever seen?" I swear I could pop one right now, just being with Sam. Honestly I was surprised I didn't.
Then I pulled away suddenly, a thought coming into my mind.
"I - we can't tell my mother about anything."
"What, why? Colby? Why can't we tell her?"
"Because, she'll think I'm a disappointment. Along with Brennen. Brennen will for sure hate me." Sam bit his lip, thinking about what I just told him.
"You don't really think that, do you?" Sam looked into my eyes. "Do you?" He repeated. I didn't know how to respond.
"I - I don't know..." The feeling of regret returned. Sam reached out and grabbed my wrist, pulling it away from my arm. I was confused at first but then I knew exactly why he did that. He did it to prevent me from scratching my cuts in order to make them bleed. Sam shook his head not knowing what to say.
"And now you did it again. You are such an idiot. How can anyone stand you? Oh yeah, they don't."
"My god. You are such a fat fuck. You screwed up the moment with Sam. You just screw up everything and you don't even have to do anything to screw up anything, you just do."
Rage got to me so quick that I quickly turned around and punched the wall as hard as I can.
"Ow! Fuck!" Pain shot up my hand to my arm.
"Jesus Christ Colby. What the hell was that for?!"
"I... don't know." Cradling my hand, I just stared at Sam blankly. Trying to think of the best reason I punched the wall.
"What the hell is going on in here?!" Elton opened the door, looking at both Sam and Colby.
"Colby punched the wall." Sam responded before I had a chance to say anything.
"What are you doing?" I questioned Elton. "I was coming up here to check on you but it seems like Sam has everything under control so I'ma just leave." Elton backed out of my room, leaving me and Sam alone once again.
"I'm sorry, I really don't know what happened there..." I muttered to Sam, feeling a little bad that I didn't say anything beforehand.
"It's okay Colby. I understand completely." Sam leaned on me, resting his head on my shoulder.

"You just attract attention. No kidding Sam doesn't like you. You are truly a bad person."

"God, I love you so much Colby. I don't always understand you but I can't deny that I love you." My demons had suddenly calmed when he said that. Only throwing a few insults at me every now and then. It seemed like when I'm with Sam, I feel so much more calmer then when I'm alone. I hate to admit it but I needed Sam. He is the only person who can understand me but also calms my demons. I need Sam.

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