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A spray of a water's sound being sprayed to the flower near the window echoing this white small room. The ray of the sunlight brighten the room hence it doesn't need light from lamp or any other lighting tools. A strong smell of chemical things surrounded the girl's nose while she sprayed the water to the flower. Slowly humming to a song while taking a beautiful view in front of her. A slight moan could be heard from her behind, she quickly turned her head and approach the small girl who lied her body there for days.

"Chaeyoung-iie?" the girl whispered leaning her head and back down toward the small girl's head scrutenizing every details on her face.

Slowly, the small girl opened her lid eyes for the first time and blinking slowly adjusting to the sudden light that welcomed her. "Where am I?" she whispered to the air still not paying her focus to the girl in front of her due to the dizziness, the heavy feeling on her throat, and some pains on her body.

"You're in a hospital. Wait, let me call the doctor, okay?" the girl then straighten her back and went out to call the doctor.

Chaeyoung blinked her eyes for several times and turned her head to the most brightest place in this room when the door slowly opened revealing a man using a shabby white suit with crinkled on the corner of his eyes when he smiled. His step was so quiet not like the girl behind him who produced a click clack sound when she walked. The other girl with her short hair and beautiful dress on her followed them making Chaeyoung create a small smile on her lips.

"Ms. Son. How do you feel?" the man asked and Chaeyoung assumed that this man was her doctor.

"I'm fine. Just a little bit dizzy." she said carefully.

The doctor nodded his head and said something to the girl behind him who wears light blue uniform and a cute cap on her head. The doctor then turned his head again to Chaeyoung, "You got fractured on your ribs, but it's not that serious. It would heal by times while you keep consuming your medicine and food with calcium. I would suggest you to not doing any heavy activities during this time."

The doctor keep blabbering on what and not what to do for Chaeyoung. Chaeyoung kept her eyes on the doctor but actually she don't listening to him intently. On the other side, the dresses girl kept listening to the doctor carefully and nodded her head in every sentence the doctor spitted and sometimes took a note of it. When the doctor finished in his charming yet beautiful speech, he excused himself and leaving Chaeyoung with the dresses girl alone.

"You're beautiful." Chaeyoung said reaching the girl's hand caressing it slowly.

The girl shook her pupil slightly as the small girl's sentence flustered a bit but smiled eventually. "Thank you." she then proceeded to sit on the chair next to the bed.

"Your parents are on their way here. They just got home when you woke up."

Chaeyoung nodded and keep staring at the dresses girl, "Why are you so beautiful, Mina-ssi?"

Mina closed her giggle with her hands. The door opened abruptly revealing a pale skinned girl with hospital robe. "Chaeyoung-a!" she dashed to the bed and attempted to hug the latter when Chaeyoung raised her hand, "Stop. I have a fractured rib!" Dahyun hung her arms in the air and pouted.

Chaeyoung giggled, "Are you okay? Why it seems like you're way more healthier than me?" she raised her eyebrow as it was a weird fact indeed.

"Well, the doctor said that I'm not that severely injured. Well, the cliff was not that deep and it's because of your padded jacket." she said.

"My padded jacket?"

"Yeah, it seems like your padded jacket minimize the injury on my body. And I passed out because of anxiousness and shock. You know I'm afraid of height, right?" Dahyun slowly pulled the other chair and sit beside Mina laying her chin on her palm that was rested on her elbow on the bed.

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