expiration dates

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There was an expiration date to our love.

Our dates were the sour milk that we just couldn't bare to throw out.

Our relationship was the dollar store sunglasses that break the following day.

Our friendship was the foundation, but every foundation can break under stress.

We tried, did we not?

Give solutions, tried to give bittersweet words and hopes.

Attempted to stick the boyfriend and girlfriend label when the adhesive runs dry.

But we were already expired, this little love of ours.

I sit here and think that maybe we could have made it.

Maybe we could have continued to chug that sour milk as if it wasn't hurting us.

But we're young and a love like ours isn't going to hold weight later.

Our relationship doesn't leave any footprints in the sand,

but it doesn't mean I'm not gonna miss it like an expiration date.

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