I may die young, but I won't die alone

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I may die young, but I won't die alone.

Not with the friends that continue to block

each venom filled response I offer

as if I didn't say a single thing

and just offer another soda pop.

Guess it's because they're just like me.

Renegades who have gone through the pain

and are just looking for similar renegades

that are just like who they are:

Wild, young, with absolutely nothing to lose

but short portions of their insignificant lives.

If life is so short, then perhaps we might as well

just make peace with what we've got.

If what they've got is a self-deprecating human

with nothing more than a facade that can

shield them from the hardest of blows

that only lowers with time?

So be it then, all that matters is that

we may die young, but we won't die alone.

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