~Guess whos back~

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That's when I heard it. That damn chuckle and haunted my dreams. I pulled away, and Mark and Felix were in terror.

"Think you could escape me that easily, sweetheart?"

Before I could even blink, a green tornado of glitch like sparks enveloped us, pulling me far away from safety. My surroundings changed and anti was gone. Yet somehow, I could still hear his words echo around me.

"Welcome home princess~."
With a sudden huff, the tornado of glitches ceased to exist and I was once again standing in the house they'd chained me up in.

"Oho bitch, b i tch." I said, completely done with his shit. "Come at me with 'princess' again and I promise you that whatever the fuck this mark is- will be the l e a s t of your problems."

He just chuckled. "Now, now~. No need to get feisty~. I just bought you hear to talk."

'Bullshit.' I thought

Unfortunately for me, curiosity overruled my urges to cuss him out.

"Alright, asshat." I said, plopping myself down on the couch. "Lets talk."

// alright so,, clearly i've been a liar again,,, yikes,,

// yikes,,


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