Lubrina pt. 1

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A little introduction...

Lubrina is Lucas x Sabrina. If you don't know who Lucas is, he's just a made up character from my Sudden Books. It's just a ship that some peeps from my book decided to make.


He heard it. People whispering about his crush... His secret crush, because no one knew he had a crush. He kept it a secret very well. He was good at not showing it, but he never knew his crush liked him back.

"Ooh, I heard Max likes her," Rise whispered. "Even heard he might be asking her out soon."

"Who? Sabrina?" Mylene whispered back and Rose nodded.

Lucas didn't mean to, but he snapped the pencil he was holding in half. These girls don't know how to whisper very well, now do they?

He gulped at the thought of Sabrina being asked out by the nerd, Max. Even worse, Sabrina accepting it.

He looked up to see Max walk inside the classroom. Max looked over at Rose, gave her thumbs up, Rose returning it, and Max heading towards Sabrina.

Lucas couldn't watch. He couldn't watch as Sabrina looked up at Max, who had walked up to her.

But then Mrs. B's voice broke everything, Lucas signing in relief as Max went back to sit down.

"Let class begin," Mrs. B said.

Lucas looked over at Sabrina, who no doubt had a look of curiosity of what Max was going to ask her.

Why does he even like her? I didn't know such a nerd could like a girl that was best friend with a bad girl.

"Alright, class dismissed," finally the bell rang. The students got up and filed out of the classroom.

"Hey, Sabrina, wait!"

Lucas turned to see Max running over to Sabrina, who looked back at him.

"Ugh,Sabrina has got no time for you!" Chloe tried to shoo him away. "Go do your homework or something like that!"

"I just want to ask Sabrina something," Max replied, making others turn to them.

"Make it quick!" Chloe grumbled, folding her arms as she looked away.

But before Max could even utter a word to Sabrina, Sabrina cut him off and spoke.

"Sorry Max, can't. I already have someone else I like," and she trotted away, Chloe following her.

Max stood there, trying to block out what the others were saying. "Oh, did he get rejected?" "He didn't even get to ask, and Sabrina already likes someone else." "Who do you think it is?"

As he tried to at least feel bad about Max getting rejected, he could stop the huge smile that spread over his face, as he walked past him.

But then he stopped smiling.

Sabrina said she liked someone else. There's a chance it can't be me!


Well, Lucas is just a made up character, but this is what I at least got (idk) you guys can picture him however you want:

Well, Lucas is just a made up character, but this is what I at least got (idk) you guys can picture him however you want:

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