The War Between Sabrina and Chloe pt. 2

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Sabrina, you will pay for this! Chloe threw her book she was reading on the floor, her father turning to her.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Sabrina! She just gave me out in front of the whole class! I hate her now!"

"Now, now sweetie, hate is a pretty big word," her father smiled. "Why not use dislike? And plus Sabrina is your best friend. Maybe what she did, she did it for a reason?"

Yeah, unfortunately she's starting to feel bad about Marinette. Ugh!

But Daddy is right. She is my best friend. Well, I will apologize if she apologizes!


"Are you having a fight with Chloe?" Marinette turned to Sabrina, who had refused to walk with Chloe to school.

"Yes, just because of what I did yesterday." Sabrina huffed as she folded her arms. "She would have to apologize first before I can forgive her. I don't need her treating me like this any longer!"

Marinette and Adrien looked at each each other. Then they smiled at the devilish plan they had.


"Ugh! What is this?" Chloe backed away as a note fell down from her locker. She picked it up and read.

Dear Chloe...

You were right. I was at fault. I shouldn't have yelled that out yesterday. And I apologize for what I did. It was wrong.

Anyway, meet me in the library so we can talk more face to face :)

Chloe grinned as she turned towards the library. The weird thing was, this didn't look like Sabrina's handwriting, but she was too glad to even think about it.


Sabrina got a note. She picked it up from her locker. She saw Chloe smile at her before she started heading towards the library. She turned to the note and read.

Dear Sabrina...

I apologize because what I planned to do to Marinette was not such a great idea. It was so wrong of me, I guess I just felt jealous. Anyway, meet me in the library and we can talk more properly face to face :)

Sabrina smiled and headed towards the library. So is that why Chloe smiled at me and left for the library?

She got there and saw Chloe waiting.

"Hey Sabrina," she waved and smiled.

"Hi." She waved back.

"I forgive you..." They both said at the same time, and frowned.

"No, I forgive you because you apologized," Chloe said as she held up the note.

"What do you mean? You apologized!" Sabrina held up her note. "And I forgive you, so I'm sorry!"

They both looked at each other, then sighed.

"It wasn't you that wrote it, was it?" Chloe muttered. "Now I know how it feels. Having to write someone a fake note and then keep hoping that it's actually true. I'm sorry I did that."

"Well, I'm glad you've realized what is wrong," Sabrina shrugged as she dropped the note. "And I'm sorry too. I probably should have let you tell everyone what you did."

They both smiled and hugged each other.

The end...

( Marinette wrote Sabrina's note and Adrien wrote Chloe's :)

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