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(KC's POV)

I was so upset, what kind of sick monsters would do this? I know the boys and I never thought they would take it this far. How did they even know? I wish I would just die, like would anyone even notice. Ever since my mother died my life has been awful. Why can't she be with me right now, comfort me and tell me that everything is gonna be ok. But no, I can't have something as simple as that. I realize of I want to pass highschool ( if I even live to graduation ) I have to such it up and go to my classes. I quickly put my blade back behind the toilet and go to science class.

( cams POV )

Wow we actually did it. We just literally ruined KC's highschool life. Bitch deserves it. I mean maybe we could have gone a little easier on her, I mean after all she is human too. Wait WTF WHAT AM I SAYING? I THINK SHE DESERVED EVERYTHING SHE GOT FOR BEING SUCH A LOSER! What am I trying to say?

( end of the day )

( KC's POV

well that was one of the worst days ever. Everyone knows about my cutting! Even some of the teachers. They keep offering for me to go to shrinks but I always said no. Ughhhh my life! As I walk into my house I smell alcohol and smoke. My dad probably has another hooker over. I walk into the living room and hear moans from my dad's room. I can't help but let out a chuckle. I walk into my room and just sigh. Why does my life have to be like this. I don't understand. 😥


( cams POV )

As I walk into school I meet up with the boys. There all talking about what happened to KC. I am starting to feel a little guilty. This is not something that I should feel guilty about, like isn't it only highschool. I stop the thoughts that are going on in my head and continue walking to my class S.S. The one I have with K.C

( K.C's POV )

I decide to tuff it out at school today after what happened yesterday. It's what my mother would want. I apply mascara and eyeliner and a little bit of lipgloss. I grab my penny board and go to school. When I got there I relized my first class was with cameron. God damnit. As I enter everyone's eyes are on me. They all have evil smirks on there face while there talking and whispering about me. I sit down three rows behind cam and S.S. he is talking about the civil war. I just zoned out through most of the class. Next was science math religon then lunch. I ate lunch in the library since know one really wanted to eat with me. When I got home I ate some popcorn did my homework took a shower and for ready for bed. Preparing for another school day tomorrow.

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