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I was working at the diner tonight. I was behind  the bar getting drinks for a table when Ruby walked over to me.
‘’mind if I take one of your tables tonight?’’Ruby asked in a lowered voice.
‘’No I don’t care. Which one?’’I asked
“The one with the hot motorcycle guy”she said winking at me. I laughed and nodded.
‘’Go for it’’I said winking at her’’But you should know I think that Emma and him have a little thing going’’
“They aren’t dating and besides, flirting doesn't harm anything’’She said. I nodded
‘’True’’Ruby smiled at me before going to his table. I grabbed my drinks and I put them on them tray and I served my table.
‘’Stop flirting and get over here!’’I heard Granny shout. I turned and saw ruby was stormed over to granny. There they go again. I swear they are always fighting about something. I went to the kitchen counter to get one of the tables orders when I heard ruby shout.
‘’I quit!’’she said going out of the diner. Oh god.
I wrapped my coat more around my body, I was walking home. Okay well I was meeting Emma and Mary Margret half way. I looked ahead and saw Emma, Mary Margret and Ruby talking at the little bus stop on the corner, Ruby had her suitcase with her.
‘’Which this is I guess’’Ruby said as I walked up to them.
‘’Your leaving?’’Emma asked
‘’Wait a minute, your leaving?’’I asked. Ruby looked at me
‘’I had a fight with granny, quit my job.’’
‘’You quit?’’Mary Margret asked. Ruby nodded.
‘’Where are you going?’’I asked crossing my arms.
‘’I don’t know, away’’Ruby said. I don’t want her to go1 I literally got that job at the diner because of her, Henry and Ruby my only real friend in this town now. Well except for Emma but I put her in the sister category now.
‘’Yeah well, bus’s out of town don’t really happen and you might want a destination first’’Emma said. Ruby looked really sad. I gave her a smile. I have to help her.
‘’I have a really good idea, why don’t you come and stay with us.’’I said. Emma looked at me with wide eyes.
‘’Yeah, while you figure everything out’’Mary Margret said agreeing with me. I looked at Emma giving her a look of ‘please agree with us’
‘’Yeah, just for a little while’’Emma said.
‘’Come on. You can stay in my room’’I said leading her towards the apartment.
The next day I sat with Ruby and Henry at the sheriff station. Henry and I were helping ruby find a new job. We all sat around the computer.
‘’ How about bike messenger?’’I asked looking from the computer to Ruby.
‘’Bike messenger?’’She asked
‘’That’s about taking things to people in a little basket’’Henry explained. Sounds boring.
‘’Nope, you see im not so good at bike riding’’Ruby said.
I laughed at the memory of Ruby falling of her bike multiple times while Granny was trying to teach her. I was watching on the side and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.
‘’How about taking things on foot to people in a little basket?’’Henry asked.
‘’Is that a real job?’’I asked.
The phone rang again. Emma wasn’t here so we hadn’t answered. They were non emergency anyways.
‘’Why do the phones keep doing that?’’Ruby asked
‘’Oh, the non emergency calls go to a machine when Emma busy’’Henry explained.
Ruby looked at the phone and picked it up.
‘’Sheriff station, how may I help you?’’Ruby said into the phone. I looked back at the computer as Ruby kept answering the phone.
‘’ Hello, Mrs.Ginger. No that not a prowlers that’s Archie's dog, pongo. Throw him a vanilla wafer, he’ll calm down. Did you still want to talk to Emma? Great, glad I could help’’Ruby said before hanging up the phone.
‘’How’s it going you, guys’’Emma said. I turned and looked at her.
‘’Great, except I cant do anything’’Ruby said. I shrugged and looked back at the computer.
‘’Im sure that’s not true. I just saw you on the phone, that was good’’Emma said.
‘’That? That’s nothing’’ruby said.
‘’No, it isn’t.  I thought you were quite good’’I said leaning back in my seat.
Ruby leaned back in her chair and I rolled my eyes. She thinks she is so bad at everything.
‘’I actually have some money in the budget If you want to help out around here’’Emma said.
‘’Yes!’’Ruby stood up excitingly in front of Emma’’Thank you. um, I can answer phones, help out. is there anything else you need done, organize files, cleaning up. Please I want to be useful’’
I smiled. Im glad Emma's helping her out.
‘’Im swamped with the Katheryn Nolan thing.  Maybe if you want to grab us lunch. I would never say no to a grilled cheese’’
‘’Yes, make that 2!’’I said.
‘’Done. You want anything?’’Ruby asked looking at Henry as she picked her jacket up.
‘’2 chocolate chip cookies, a half a pie and a hot dog’’Henry said. I laughed slightly
‘’He ate at school’’Emma said. Ruby went to walk out as Mary Margret came in.
‘’Lunch Mary Margret? Im getting lunch for everyone’’Ruby said
‘’Uh no. im not hungry’’Mary Margret said before turning to Emma.
‘’David's in the woods. There is something wrong with him, he looked right threw me its like he was a different person’’Mary Margret said.  Great. That makes him even more of a suspect for kidnapping Kathryn. Shes been missing for a couple days and apparently he was the suspect. I dont think he is, he just doesn't seem the type.
‘’Okay, guys, don’t mean to kick you out but I have to go see if David is in some kind of trouble out there’’Emma said throwing Henry the drawer keys so he could lock is storybook in there.
‘’Its okay, im supposed to meet my mom’’
‘’I got work in a hour.’’I said taking my hair and putting it into a pony tail. I grabbed my backpack that was on the chair next to Henry's.
‘’You know you could let Ruby do more. Shes little red riding hood’’
I forgot about Ruby being little red ridding hood! When Henry told me I almost died from laughter.
‘’With the little red basket yeah she seems like a bad ass’’Emma said laughing slightly.
‘’She is, she just doesn't remember how cool she is or how capable of’’Henry said.
‘’Come on Henry, I will take you home’’I said putting my hand on his shoulder
‘’Hey Ruby’’Henry said as we passed her.
‘’Hey, Henry. Here you go Liz’’Ruby said handing me my grilled cheese.
‘’Thanks!’’I said smiling at her before walking again. A grilled Cheese always brightens my day.

Authors note:
Not the best update but its kind of a just a filler. I will update more later! Please Comment and Vote!!!!!

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