Mariana Bellisario

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Senior year, the year everyone is so excited about. Not me, I can't wait to get out of there, take a year off and then study something worth my attention. Like becoming a writer.

My parents worry a lot about me. I tend to get in trouble. What kind of trouble you ask? You'll see soon.

"Sissy, sissy. Get your tush up. Mommy says you'll be late." My little brother said while shaking me. He's four years old.

"Mateo, I'm very sleepy." I mumbled on my pillow. I pulled him into hug, he just giggled. After squishing him I released him and went to do my routine. After that I grabbed breakfast.

"Please, Mar. Stay out of trouble." Dad sighed.

"No pulling pranks. I swear Noah enjoys teaching everyone his pranks." Mom shook her head.

My parents are too serious. They need to loosen up a bit, like Nana Jojo. Now she's nuts. When her, Nana Mia and Bri get together it's like they go back being teenagers. Gotta love those three.

"What's for breakfast family?" We turned to see Nana Jojo. She takes care of Mateo while my parents are working.

"Nana, you need to teach my parents how to loosen up a bit." I said while giving her a hug then left.

"Nana, I went to potty alone." Mateo said causing them to laugh.

"That deserves a cookie."

"Just one, mom. or he Will go on a sugar Rush."

"Fine, just one." Which wasn't true. Even when I was a toddler she would give me lots of cookies.


I arrived to school and went to my locker to put all my books and snacks. A girl has to eat to survive this hell hole.

"Boo, puta." I turned to see Allie. I just chuckled, she loves that word so much. I blame Bri.

"I missed you." Autumn said while giving me a hug. "I missed you too, even though we saw each other last night." I said while hugging her back. 

"How's Pietro doing in London?" Allie asked.

"He's doing great. I miss him everyday. But I also know that it's always been a dream of him to study there. Plus he's in love with his roommate. They're so cheesy. But I'm happy for them." She smiled. Autumn has a twin, who's currently studying in London. In case you forgot who Pietro is.

"So, is senior year gonna be the year you won't get in trouble?" Allie asked and I just laughed.

"Should've known." She chuckled. We went to our classes. Boring ones.

Lunch came and we all sat in our table. We are actually the popular kids, but unlike others, we were actually nice. Allie was dating the captain of the football team. He was also nice, contrary to popular belief, not every popular or team captain are assholes.

"Babe." Jacob said while kissing her cheek. She blushed. They've been together for a year and very much in love.

"Spare us the cheesiness." I sighed. 

"Only because you keep refusing to be in a relationship." Autumn chimed in.

"Because I don't need a guy in my life. I'm good being single." I rolled my eyes.

"I bet you hundred dollars that when the correct guy comes you will fall in love and be cheesy." Jacob said.

"Yeah right, but I'll take you up on that bet cause I'll win." I smirked, we shook hands and the bet was on.

No guy has ever made me feel that spark, I've been to dates, but they were a waste of my time. They would either talk about cars, or sports. I mean it's okay to talk about that, but not all the date. They were just shallows. I'm not desperate to be in a relationship unlike every other girl.

Afer classes are over. We went to hang out at the skate park. Jacob and Autumn's boyfriend love to skate board.

"Hey gorgeous." Leonardo said while pulling her closer and then kiss her.  He was nineteen and in college. They were also neighbours. He was so protective of Autumn. They've been together for seven months. He took his sweet time cause he was afraid of the age difference.

After hanging out with everyone, I went home. I needed food and then sleep. I also needed to do my homework, but I'll just do it tomorrow in class, meh I'll think of something. 

"I'm surprised. No trouble on your first day." Dad commented.

"Because it's the first day. Not much to do." I grinned. He just shook his head, I enjoy teasing him.

"I love you dad." I hugged him. "I love you too, my little rebel."

After talking with my parents and having dinner. I took a shower, changed to pj's and fell asleep.

Nothing exciting happens in my life, if I was going to survive this year, I needed an adventure. Hopefully I will get it.

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