Chapter 18

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AN: Hello everyone,

I'm very very sorry that I have been away for so long. A lot of things have happened in my life and as a result I had to abandon my creative writing. Recently, I was reading a novel on wattpad and a comment came in on WWABM and I went over to read it and when I saw many people asking (some begging) for me to update and conclude WWABM, I knew that I had to at least conclude WWABM and give you all closure (lol).

Though I wanted to continue the story and even write a sequel, I decided against it because when I wrote this story, I was a slightly different person to who I am today plus I don't know where I kept the plot outline of WWABM.

So enjoy!


Ciara gasped as she sat up on her bed. She tried to remember what she'd just seen before she woke up but she couldn't remember it. What was that?

Just as she was about to slide out of her bed, she suddenly felt dizzy. What was wrong with her? She held her head and tried to get over the fuzzy feeling. Everything felt strange as if she was waking up from a very dreary sleep. Was it her dream?

Then all her memories flooded into her mind till the time she was stabbed by Bevin. What happened after that? She felt like she was missing something. Then she realized she could see. She could see!

Just as she stood on her feet, her legs crumbled below her even as she held a hand to her throat. It burned, she was so thirsty, she felt like she would die. She was clutching her throat when Drew and another man who was familiar yet not familiar came into the room.

"Ciara, what's wrong?" Drew asked as he came to join her where she was sitting on the floor with her back to the bed.

"My throat...dry....water." Ciara pleaded. She couldn't even open her eyes to see him because of the dry itch at the back of her throat. Her gums even felt heavy.

"Of course." Drew said as he lifted her up to the bed.

"You can't give her water, she needs blood right now." The other man said.

She was starting to hear their voices from a distance as though they were at the entrance of a tunnel and she was at the end of the tunnel.

"Stay with her, I'll get the blood bags." Drew said even as he kissed Ciara's forehead and rushed out of the room.

The familiar stranger moved to sit beside Ciara on the bed without saying a word and Ciara sat there at first till she realized that he smelled really food. Before she even finished the thought, she found herself attacking him. In a single movement, fangs she didn't know she had were buried in his throat.

Of course, he struggled to push her off but Ciara felt a thrill of joy when he could not. Ciara was not even conscious of the fact that it was blood she was drinking, all she knew was that while she was drinking, the thirst in her throat disappeared and whenever the flow of what she was drinking was disturbed, her throat began to hurt again. Eventually the stranger stopped struggling and just held her more tenderly than he should hold someone sucking the life out of him.

It was then that Drew came in. "Christ! What do you think you're doing Doyle? I leave you with her for a minute and you're cuddling her...wait...Ciara stop...come're killing him...Come on, stop! He's the one who saved you from Bevin...Ciara!!!"

Abruptly, Ciara let go of Doyle's jugular and turned to face Drew, her previously beautiful but vacant blue eyes of blue now had an extra amber-colored ring around them and she was fully a predator who didn't recognize him at all. Her fangs were out, small pointy ones when compared to his but still capable of inflicting great damage with blood dripping all over her chin.

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