Biting and bullies

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vampire/ˈvampʌɪə/noun1.(in European folklore) a corpse supposed to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth.

You openly snorted at the small print in the dictionary. This was an old version. Before vampires fully revealed themselves to the world. They admittedly got some of it right, but much of it oh so wrong. Vampires aren't affected by sunlight, they simply prefer the night. It gives them that aura of mystery and power that no human can seem to posses. It was also influenced by their unearthly beauty. Pale, pale skin, breathtaking features, they were too beautiful to be normal. 

Yes, they do have fangs, you supposed, but they appeared and disappeared at their own will, or in accordance with their thirst. They also did not sleep in graves. But they did drink blood.

There was a clan of vampires attending your own school, seven in total. You didn't trust them further than you could throw them. They were rude, arrogant, and only paid attention to people that had some sort of status. So, if you were popular, congratulations! You had a one-way ticket to being at least the temporary focus of their attention. 

But you weren't popular, far from it. You doubted they even knew your name. You would sit in the corner of the cafeteria and watched as they flirted, kissed and drank blood. Yes, some of them did it in public, it made you feel squeamish, but at the same time you were fascinated. All of you were, the entire student body was captivated by the process. 

You were watching them now, you didn't want to. But they was something so attractive, so magnetic about them, that hardly anyone could look away. You closed the dictionary without paying much attention, your gaze trapped on the group of seven boys sitting at a large table right slap bang in the middle of the room. The most popular of popular spots, nobody else dared to touch it. 

You watched as one of them beckoned a girl over. 'Jung Hoseok' you thought to yourself. He was one of the worst. He had a heart shaped smile that led you to belive he was an innocent sunshine, but the reality was so much different. 

His lips pulled upwards in slight amusement as he pulled her close to him. You felt slightly sick as he extended his fangs, long, thin and sharp. The girl obediently tilted her head back at a quiet word from him. He placed torturously slow, sweet kisses all over her neck before biting into her skin. We all watched in complete silence, one you could hear a pin drop in, but not because of the act, we were almost used to that, but because of the girl's breathless moans of bliss that echoed off the walls as he devoured her blood. That was the thing about vampire bites. They could make you feel incredible. Or they could make you feel incredible pain. It depended on what the vampire wanted. They also had to lick the wound to close it up, or you would bleed to death. Yet another amazing quality they had, their saliva has healing properties. 

It was strange how you knew so much, seeing as you had never been bitten. But one did tend to pick up gossip when hiding from bullies in (what seemed be) "out of order" bathroom stalls. 

He finished drinking her blood, and carefully healed it, swiping his tongue across her throat languidly. You imagined him doing that to you, and shivered at the idea." Don't go there y/n", you scolded yourself quietly. 

The girl was now walking past the wall bench where you sat, slowing to a halt and throwing you an contemptuous glare. This girl was the bane of your entire existence. She made your life hell. 

She carefully pulled out her water bottle that she had tucked under her arm. "Y/n, y/n, y/n", she sighed innocently, her sudden malicious smile contrasting with her tone of voice. "I have a gift for you, I thought you looked dehydrated".

"Please don't", you whispered pathetically as she confidently screwed off the cap and poured the water all over my uniform. People all around you laughed at your now bedraggled appearance. Your hair was dripping, as were your glasses. You hung your head and hunched your shoulders as you stood up, the water was cold as ice. You ran out, away from everyone, before your tears could escape and be on show for the whole world to see. 

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