thirty seven

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it is the day after thanksgiving, charlotte is practically living here while she is in town. jane was annoyed with me at first for letting her stay all day with us, but charlie was really helping with erin's wedding, so i think jane likes her now. i'm really happy to spend the days back home with my family, avoiding everything that's happening in los angeles. it wasn't hard though. david stopped trying to text me the same day i left him on read, zane didn't call me after we facetimed, i don't talk to matt since zane's party, so hannah is the only one who is keeping contact with me these three days, always asking about how i'm feeling. and i'm trying to not care that much right now, i'm feeling great just hanging out with my best friend and my family. however, i missed ilya. he's my neighbor here in vernon hills, but i haven't seen him yet. i wanted to go to his house, but or he was not home or david was at his house, so, yeah.

"the red one for sure" erin said and i looked over at my best friend's phone. charlie was showing us some dresses for the wedding.

"yeah, red looks better on you" i added and my phone buzzed under my hand.

natalie🌸: heyy

phe😋: hey nats
what's up

natalie🌸: nothing much
i wanted to talk about what happened
at zane's party

phe😋: i thought liza was supposed
to tell u?

i frowned my brow. i remember telling natalie that liza was going to talk to her later, but i guess she didn't.

natalie🌸: i think she forgot lol
but what happened exactly?
you looked so sad

phe😋: where r u rn?
we can talk about this in person

natalie🌸: i can't go out right now
just tell me here

phe😋: do you want me to come over?

natalie🌸: maybe later

phe😋: okay who's this?
it's obvious that's not natalie
she was at ilya's place earlier
ilya if it's you i'm gonna punch your fucking face you can come over and talk to me bitch

natalie🌸: fuck
it's not ilya
it's david

phe😋: k bye!!

natalie🌸: no
just talk to me pls
i'm really worried
i wanna know what happened that
made you so pissed that you left town
and stopped texting me

phe😋: yeah you need some time
to think about the shit you said
behind my back so i'm leaving

i stood up quickly and ran towards my room. i locked the door and started crying. god why am i so stupid? why i'm crying right now? i haven't cried for these past few days and fuck this really hit me. david makes me so vulnerable and fragile, with something so little and insignificant that he does hits me really hard.

i heard someone knock on my door. "hey are you okay?" it was charlie. i didn't answer and she insisted, but i stood quiet, crying my eyes out

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