Episode 9: Finale

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Both vehicles roared into the parking lot of the Ghostbusters: Des Moines headquarters at entirely illegal speeds. They barely took the time to put the truck and the van into park. Their windows were rattling and the ground was shaking as the clouds above them grew thick enough to almost turn the day to night.

Cynthia led them into the building, all of them running with their neutrino wands and slime throwers drawn.

The shaking only intensified as they moved their way through the cubicles and toward the back office. The back office looked almost a mirror image to the front, except that it had a work bench for Simon and Jordan's projects as well as the large red containment unit.

The copy of the Chairman that they left in a chunky puddle in the front office was missing. Instead, he had reformed and stood in front of the containment unit as the Ghostbusters came into the room. He stood with his back to them but they could still see what he was doing. Every lever on the device was turned down and multiple hatches were open. The resulting spiritual energy that poured from the machine didn't make it far before curving back around and slamming into the Chairman's fake body.

Normally, firing proton streams at the containment unit was considered to be ill-advised. In this situation there was no damage they could do that the Chairman hadn't already done by releasing the captured ghosts.

"Fire," Cynthia shouted.

Proton streams and jets of slime flew at the Chairman but stopped a few feet in front of him as a shield of spiritual energy went up around him. They kept firing, hoping to drain the shield and get their true target. Unfortunately, the Chairman emptied the containment unit before that could happen.

Turning toward them, he announced, "Thank you, Ghostbusters. Now I must be on my way to deliver these," he rubbed his extended belly, "to my lord, Erra." The Chairman shot through the roof as the shield that he'd been forming dispersed into a psychic storm that ravaged the office.

The Ghostbusters held their ground until the storm finally subsided.

Cynthia's face was contorted with rage as she turned and stormed out of the back office. Her three companions only stared up the hole that the Chairman had just made until Cynthia shouted at them.

"Into the van."

They all turned and ran to catch up with their leader.

"What about the office?" Regina asked.

"It's lost," Jordan said quietly.

"We've lost," Cynthia said as they ran through the office. "We're on Damage Control now. We need to stop Erra before he can complete his plan. We can worry about the office later."

As Cynthia spoke the office walls started exploding. Spiritual energy in the shape of glowing orbs blasted through the walls and cubicles as if they were tiny wrecking balls. As they ran into the parking lot, the Ghostbusters watched as the entire office collapsed in on itself while the attached offices of the rest of the business park were left untouched.

Already in the driver's seat while her team stared at the office-turned-sinkhole, Cynthia shouted again, "Get in the van."

Cynthia chased after the miles-long tail of spirits trailing behind the Chairman. Weaving between buildings, taking alleys, and racing over parks and yards, Cynthia achieved the impossible and kept the trail always in sight until they finally led to a building.

It was the tallest building in Des Moines which made a sort of obvious sense. The building was 801 Grand Avenue and was famous for defining the skyline of Des Moines with a solid peak as recognizable to Iowans as the Pyramids are to everyone else in the world.

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