Just Another Saturday Night in the Loony Bin

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Unbeknownst to management, there will be a poker game tonight.

There is always a poker game tonight,

and we always hold it at Don’s.

Don’s room has curtains between the beds

where we can hide the girls, the cards,

the pizza sneaked past the nurses’ station

all delicious things

all contraband

all not allowed after 10 o’clock.

Nothing’s allowed after 10 o’clock.

That’s when we turn into frogs.

(True). But we don’t let it worry us much.

We used to worry.

We used to think as visitors do

the ones who point

who say But you’re so different


Different how? Different from what?

Listen. We used to be different.

Now we are

the same.

Everyone turns into frogs after 10 o’clock.

Everyone’s bed is regulation size

and hard to sleep on.

We’ll claim we envy your Sunday Pass

but really that’s just etiquette.

We came by choice to these twill-padded halls

where everything is off limits

and anything is possible

and just a little bit better organized.

The economy runs on cigarettes

like the front line of any war.

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