Super Bowl Sunday

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The next day, I woke up early for church. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the colors of the sky looking like an artist's canvas.

Before we left for church, Jackson surprised us all and told us we could go out to lunch.

Eating out was a luxury for my family, due to our lack of monetary resources. We had to spend smartly.

We piled in the car after church, Jackson driving, Dylan up front, and Ben, Ryan, and myself in the back seat. Of course, since I was the smallest, I was always shoved into the middle.

"To Outback we go," Jackson stated, pulling out of the parking lot and turning onto the main road.

This is the probably the one thing we always agreed on and didn't have to fight about. We all LOVED Outback Steakhouse and we went there all of the time growing up. Best. Restaurant. Ever.

We arrived and got seated by our waiter. He was about Jackson's age and seemed pretty friendly.

Maybe too friendly.

We ordered our drinks and he came back with them quickly. As he set mine down, he spoke.

"Here you go, pretty lady," He smiled, winking.

I smiled uncomfortably and turned away. All four of my brothers glared at him, practically shooting daggers out of their eyes, but didn't say anything after I mouthed "let it be."

Eventually we got our food and started eating. We talked about some of our favorite childhood memories, telling stories one by one. I noticed most of them had to do with me getting hurt.


I realized it was my turn to go and I thought long and hard about which one to tell. I finally thought of my favorite.

One that would embarrass Ben.

"Okay so, in elementary school, it was field day. Ben had a huge plan to ask his crush out. He got all ready, called out her name, and started running towards her. Because it was field day, the ground was all wet and he slipped, falling straight on his ass and screaming so loudly that the whole field went silent. On top of that, his pants ripped and it looked like he peed himself," I finished, smirking at Ben. Everyone started laughing except for Ben, who glared at me from across the table.

"Ah, that one was a goodie. The whole school laughed at that for weeks," Ryan added.

Ben rolled his eyes and came up with the best comeback his pea brain could think of.

"Olivia has herpes," He snapped.

"Ben is adopted," I snapped back.

"You're ugly," He smirked.

"YOU HAVE A SMALL PENIS," I raised my voice too loud, making the restaurant go dead silent.

We sat in silence for a minute but suddenly burst into laughter. Everyone looked at us like we were insane and I'm sure we looked at it. We were literally laughing at the word "penis" like a bunch of 12 year old boys.

Welcome to the Lybrant family.

We finished up lunch and went back home. It was kind of a chill day, and I was getting pretty bored.

Growing up with siblings, if you're bored, you annoy one of them. It's an unspoken rule.

I went to Jackson's room and skipped knocking. He was in the corner, lifting weights with his noise canceling headphones on.

I snuck up behind him, pulled them off, and screamed in his ear.

He yelped and jumped, dropping the weights right next to his foot.

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