Chapter 15

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Miles had insisted that he would handle the general contractor and that he would come and look at the house the next weekend. He did invite me to come out to the bar again, but after the whole Theo incident decided to just work on my relationship with Miles before working on any sort of relationship with the club. When I told him I needed to see a few friends this weekend, which wasn't necessarily true at the time, he seemed a little disappointed but also understood and told me that he'd keep in contact with me this week. 

In communicating with Miles throughout the week, he confirmed that the next weekend wasn't a possibility for the general contractor to take a look but could be available the following Monday which I had agreed to after texting Ben and canceling our plans. 

Since I was no longer going to be looking up costs and going over different analysis' with the contractor, Ben had decided that we needed to go out and hang out with our friends. Normally I didn't mind, many of his friends were polite and cordial. Many of them worked with him or he had met them in law school. The problem that I had with some of his friends were the slight jabs that they made at our relationship and how "whipped" Ben was to me. Many times they wouldn't just take a jab at the relationship we had, but about the lack of control he had in trying to tame me. Ben would always just roll his eyes at them and hug me closer to him, but I didn't understand why he would want to hang out with people that always tried to mock him for something that was important in his life or mock him for not being able to "tame" me. 

He would never confirm the fact that he was "whipped" and then again never confirmed he wasn't. I knew that when we were together he was completely devoted, and he was always a very loving and passionate boyfriend, even when he wasn't able to be around me. 

So normally when Ben would request that we go out with friends, I agreed but under the terms that Jules and Jason could come too. Ben didn't mind Jules and Jason, but they weren't the greatest of friends, he more so respected them and treated them kindly because they were close and important to me, and Jules and Jason did the same. 

We found ourselves that Saturday night at some swanky upscale cocktail restaurant. I could already tell that this wasn't going to be my kind of night as Ben guided me through to where a few of his friends already sat. Jules and Jason were trailing behind me and I made sure that they sat next to me so I could feel a little more comfortable and not have to go through polite chatter and unnecessary banter the rest of the night. 

As soon as we sat down I counted down the seconds until one of his male friends, one of many that didn't have a significant other, said something. I got to 42 when Kevin, a male I had met several times before, leaned over our table and gave what was I guessed was supposed to be a seductive smile at me before looking over at Ben. 

"Brought the ball and chain with you again huh?" Well there it goes. "Do you ever leave the house without her Ben? You may want to get your balls back from her purse." 

The snap of my teeth shutting together was audible. I grit my teeth together and looked away from Keven to glance at Ben. As per usual, he just gave an eye roll and tried to change the subject. 

For a goddamn prosecutor he was always the one trying to keep the peace in his group of friends. He always seemed scared to rattle them up, defend himself, and tell them to shove their opinions where the light doesn't shine. If I could name any flaw that Ben had, this was it, his group of friends. 

This particular group of friends that we were with tonight were all friends from law school. Some were defense attorneys, personal injury, malpractice. All types where you were more so guaranteed a higher salary. I had always admired Ben because I honestly believed being a DA was extremely difficult and the pay really wasn't great... actually it was terrible, especially when you had to consider all the student loans the majority of us accumulated to graduate. Ben admired and loved his work and wanted to make a difference, so he worked hard to get to where he is, and normally he would talk about it. 

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