TWENTY - My Mother is Dating a Witch

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Saturday, January 5th

You'll never guess who showed up outside our cabin door this morning. Mom! And Jocelyn. Both looking tanned and fit and all sparkly.

My mom went crazy when she saw me, bear-hugging me until I couldn't breathe, and then Jocelyn did the same, which was kind of weird because we don't really know each other that well yet. I don't even know if we even like each other yet! Still, Dad ushered them in and sat them both on the couch and while he made coffee and warmed up some mini quiches he bought at the general store yesterday, Jocelyn fired up her laptop and showed us about four-thousand photos of their trip to Costa Rica. It looks pretty nice there, but there seemed to be too many photos of people working out on the beach. Jocelyn took a video, though, of some screaming howler monkeys in the trees. One of them was hitting another repeatedly on the head with a guava fruit, so that was pretty cool.

After the slide show, Mom dug around in her back and gave me a few presents, among them: a ball cap with the name of their resort on it, a t-shirt that said, "Pura Vida," on it, which she told me means, "Simple Life." They got one for Dad, too. Mine is red, and his is green. Getting a present for the cuckolded ex-husband was a nice gesture, I thought.

Then Mom gave me a poster for my room— a full colour glossy print of a beach at low tide with the words, "It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop." Underneath the words, is an image of a sea turtle crawling across the sand. In the distance, is the pounding surf.

Mom said it was one of her favourite quotes. There was something stuck between her teeth when she said it: broccoli, I think, or, maybe spinach. From the quiche, I guess. But she just looked at me and said, wasn't it great and just so true that a person just had to keep going forward. I just smiled, but really, I don't think the words are true at all. I mean, if you were walking toward the edge of a steep mountain drop-off, stopping would be the only thing that would save your life.


Still January 5th, almost midnight...

Mom and Jocelyn stayed for dinner, then left on the 8 pm ferry back to the mainland. I'm still not sure about Jocelyn, though. She's smiles way too much and has a mouth like a zipper.

Also, I overheard her talking to Misty over the fence about communicating with llamas--about how their language can only be understood by empaths, whatever that is. I also heard her talking about...get this...witchcraft! I even heard the word, "coven," used twice. 

After dinner, I went outside to get some firewood, and found Jocelyn dipping her healing crystals into our rain barrel. She said she was cleansing them because of all the people who had come in contact with them during their holiday. I said wouldn't soap be a better option and she looked at me as though I'd just boiled my head. Then, on our way to the ferry, she played a disc of something she called, Solfeggio frequency music, in our car's CD player She said it was sacred and that it would balance our energy centres. It was okay, I guess, but it reminded me of the sound you make when you run a damp finger around the rim of a glass. I've done that lots of times but I don't think my energy centres changed afterwards. Then again, how would a person know?

So, my mother is dating a witch. Awesome.  

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