Chapter 39

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Terra laid Will down on his back across the seat, his knees bent. He let out a breath and his eyes closed. With his face now nearly white, he went into shock.

Please, Will! Please stay alive!

She caressed his cheek with her hand. Fearing the worst, she dipped her head and began to sob. But something was different with him. Terra raised her head as a vision of Will came through the aura.

An aura! He has an aura now!

Terra wiped away her tears and moved fully into the aura, not questioning why she could sense him now in the aura, nor caring if anyone else nearby might sense her intrusion. With his aura so weak, she strained to obtain the visualization needed to do psi-surgery. She knew she had to act quickly with death so close.

The dart that passed through him damaged parts of his liver, kidney, and colon. First things first, she had to stop the bleeding. She searched and located the main source, a severed artery in the liver. She telekinetically clamped and sealed it then moved on to the smaller bleeders in order of severity and sealed them as well. Next, she repaired a tear in the colon to prevent the risk of infection and sepsis. With most of the bleeding stopped, she withdrew from the aura and breathed deeply. There was new hope now, but he still remained in shock and had dangerously low blood pressure.

Terra raced down the road as unshed tears clouded her eyes. She was unsure where to go, but then recognized a side road.

Layla! She would help us.

She raced down the narrow road desperately trying to recall the route.

There it is!

She skidded to a stop near the front of the house and ran up to pound on the door. A bulky man with white streaked hair opened it. His eyes widened at the bloodied woman before him.

Terra did not hide the desperation in her voice. "Please help us!"

Layla appeared in the doorway before her father could answer. Her eyes bulged. "Terra? Is that you? What happened?"

"Will was shot." She pleaded, "Please, we need your help. Is there a hospital nearby?"

Layla turned to her father and grasped his arm. "Dad, these are the people who saved me."

He shook his head. "The nearest hospital or doctor is several hours away."

"He won't last that long. He needs intravenous fluids now. Is there anything nearby?"

The man's eyes lit up. "The vet! He might have what you need and he lives just down the road." He turned to his daughter. "Layla, go fetch him quickly."

Terra yelled to Layla as she ran to the farm truck. "Tell him shock from blood loss, and bring IV fluids."

The man helped Terra carry Will inside. By then his wife had prepared the couch on which they laid him. Terra lifted Will's legs and slid another cushion under to elevate them, hoping to conserve what blood he had left for his brain and most vital organs. She then covered him with a blanket and kneeled beside him. She gently took hold of his hand and laid her forehead against his shoulder.

The father pulled up a chair and offered it to Terra. "So you are the ones. We are grateful that you returned Layla to us. We thought we had lost her forever." Moisture appeared in the eyes of what Terra supposed was a normally proud man. "We will help you all we can. My name is Gan and my wife is Marn."

"Thank you."

Terra dabbed Will's forehead with the moist cloth provided by Marn. His color remained pallid and his skin clammy. A dark shadow passed over her heart as she was barely able to detect a pulse in his wrist.

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