'ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ғᴏʀɢᴇᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴏɴɢᴜᴇ'

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daphne sat in the jail holding cell, bars seperating the boys and girls as they waited to be bailed or sent to jail for a long time. toni rested her head against the seperating bar and breathed out, fangs and sweet pea standing on the opposite side; their hands wrapped around the bars.

'i cant believe daphne ward got arrested' sweet pea chuckled, shaking his head. fangs and toni joined in as daphne stood up and walked over to toni and the two boys,

'hey, its your fault' daphne shrugged and wrapped her hands around the bars too. sweet pea's hands grazed hers as he smiled down at her, goosebumps formed on her skin at his touch. 

'my fault?' sweet pea asked, a hand placed against his chest, 'i never said i needed rescuing baby girl.' toni and fangs looked at each, confused at what was going on between their two friends,

'its serpent law, no serpent is left for dead.' daphne glared at sweet pea before glancing over to fangs and toni,

'if i saw fangs or toni, i would have done the same. or any serpent for that matter, even jughead' daphne whispered the last bit as a joke and they all laughed. the laughing stopped when sherrif keller called out daphne's name. she walked over to the front of the holding cell and waited to be told what was happening,

'daphne, since this is your first offence-' sherrif keller began before pausing and looking at his paperwork, ' you can go. we just need your father to come pick you up.' he smiled and looked up at the girl from his paperwork. daphne's smile soon faded to a frown as she remembered her father,

'what about the others?' daphne asked, raising her eyebrow at her friends. sherrif keller moved his eyes over to where she signalled and pursed his lips,

'well theyve been here before and-'

'you have no solid reason to keep them here' daphne cut him off, anger inside her, 'they're here because you suspect one of them is a drug dealer. which none of them are, serpents don't deal. you want ghoulies' daphne finished, her hands moving to her hips. sweet pea, toni and fangs looked at the girl in awe as she stood up to sherrif keller, proudly defending them and the rest of the serpents,

'daphne..you're right' sherrif keller sighed as he looked down at his paperwork again, 'but if any of them are in here again, that's it' he finished and looked towards the serpents who stood in front of him now, all huddled behind daphne. he opened the door to the holding cells and released them, handing them each a form to fill out. daphne filled hers out quickly, passing it back to keller. she turned to sweet pea who was using fangs as a table, who was using toni as a table who was using a table as a table. she giggled at the sight and walked over, mocking them by using sweet pea as a table. she had to stand on her tiptoes to reach his back and she couldn't maintain it for long. sweet pea put the form on one of the desks and grabbed daphne's hands,

'that was amazing by the way,' he smiled, her smiling back at him. he then lifted her up and swirled her round, his arms snaking just under her ass. she squealed in excitement and breathed out when he put her down,

'come on, we gotta find jughead' she said, pulling him towards the exit. he scoffed at her and planted his feet. she furrowed her eyebrows and looked at him, unsure of why he wasn't moving, ' come on sweets' she groaned, using all her strength to try and pull him.

'why? he didn't get arrested. he didn't even care to help us' sweet pea shrugged and she sighed out loud,

'how could jughead help us if he was behind there with us? listen sweets, stop being your petty self and move your fatass' she had moved to behind him to push from the back, but it was still no use. sweet pea took a step foward, the girl stumbling over before grabbing onto his belt to steady herself,

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