26 ~ Goodbye Hugs

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It was finally time for me to return to my boring old life. Let's just say the my group of friends (minus bakugou)  were not happy about it. Especially Kaminari he continuesly came up with ways for me to stay.  It was causing quite the scene.  People at the train station passed whole giving us concerned looks.

"Why not just transfer to our school." Kaminari suggested.

"Absolutely not.  I'm not really " Idol" material." I cringed at the thought of me prancing around on stage singing.

"Why not just stay here for the rest of the week? " Sero shrugged.

"I have bills that need to be paid and Haru definitely won't do it." I sighed.

"What about one more day,  please. " Kaminari begged.

"No." I refused.



"Just another day? "


"Let the bitch leave already will 'ya? " Bakugou barked in annoyence.

"But I'm just gonna miss her so much." Kaminari whined like a child.

"I got a life to get back to.  I'm sorry. " I heaved another sigh.

"She's right Kami.  I'm sure [L/N] will come visit again when she's not busy." Kirishima said as he gave a sniffling Kaminari a pat on the back.

"He's right,  I gotta write that term paper. Then maybe I'll come back for another visit." I agreed.

"Fine Snapchat me later? " He gave a saddened look to me,  and it was hard not to laugh.

"Why don't I just give you my number?  We can text on the way home. " I chuckled.

"YAY THANKS!! BY ALL MEANS GIMME YOUR NUMBER! " He cheered gleefully while pulling out his phone.

"Alright calm down.  Be sure to give others my number too. I gotta get going." I said handing the phone back to him.

"I will.  I'll text 'ya once I get back to the dorms." I smiled and I nodded as a reply.

"Bye [L/N]! " Sero waved with that triangle smile plastered on his face.

"Have a safe trip! " Kirishima beamed.

"Fucking leave already." Bakugou growled.

"Bye y'all! " I waved back and began to walk away until I felt a tug on my wrist and warmth suddenly surrounding me.

It was Kaminari.  He was hugging me.

"Hey... I gotta get going." I muttered.

"I know but I'll miss you." He whispered into my ear.

"We can text but I gotta get going or else I'mma miss my train." I chuckled as I awkwardly patted his head.

"Fine...it's gonna be weird though, I'm used to seeing and talking to you IRL now." He muttered as he let me free. 

"I know,  I'll visit again soon." I smiled.



I was on the train quite bored.  It had been about 15 minutes and I had begun watching Grace and Frankie, when I had gotten a message from an unknown.  I immediately knew it was Kaminari when I read what was sent to me.

Unknown number:

Did you know is my sweatshirt is boyfriend material.


Seems to be made out of a smothering and annoying material to me.

Flirty Pikachu:

I miss you already 😢


Pull yourself together 😑😩

Flirty Pikachu:

I only feel put together when im with you tho babe 😘❤


I think you'll manage -_-


Also stop calling me babe

Flirty Pikachu:

Idk babe


Did you give the others my number?

Flirty Pikachu:

Sure did sweet cheeks

Flirty Pikachu:

Do I get a reward.


Nope but thanks for doing that and never call me sweet cheeks again

Flirty Pikachu:

Can't make any promises



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